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“You are too greedy” Mbarara Activists attack MPs on OTT Tax

Mbarara. Following the recent Parliament’s Contracts Committee to award contract to MTN Uganda to supply Datat and Over the Top Services (OTT) for MPs in the 10th Parliament, a group of activists in Mbarara addressing a press conference today have described Members of Parliament as a bunch of greedy people.

While in the press conference held today at Catholic Social Center in Mbarara Town, these concerned Citizens led by Mbarara District NRM Secretary Polly Katwire Karamuzi have condemned the decision of these MPs. Activists with placards cursed the greedy MPs for trying to dodge paying OTT Tax that they should go to ‘hell’.

 According Katwire he criticized the decision and directed his attack onto NRM PMs for working so hard to ‘kill’ their party by making it lose the support from the public. “Our MPs have totally lost touch with the common wanainchi and this will cost NRM party in the next general elections because I see a lot a lot of resentment amongst our supporters in Mbarara and Ankole region as a whole due to such unpopular government decisions” said Katwire.

Katwire Polly Karamuzi (left) Speaking

Gilbert Karengye Mugisha a media personnel on one of Radio stations in Mbarara and an MP aspirant for Mbarara said that as citizens are shocked that the same MPs are the ones that introduced this OTT Tax in Parliament but now they are the one ones escaping it. That it seems they are only bothered on their stomach and to mistreat the Ugandans not to work for their People as well. Karengye appealed the public that whoever Member of Parliament who fails to pay the OTT Tax should be stumped out by the next Elections 2021. “Don’t bother to vote for any current MP who supports the decision of not paying OTT Tax, they are putting Ugandans in trouble” said Karengye.

Another Media activist in Mbarara Makunku Christopher Abaho also criticized the decision saying that these MPs are greedy and the most dishonest. Mr. Makunku said ”You can imagine since 2014 Uganda Tax payers have been paying Data for MPs, now the same MPs keep the same greed and appetite growing to insist that Parliament should again pay for them the 200/= for OTT. “Every Ugandan is held responsible to pay this Tax, no one is above the law” he said.    

Social Media Tax (OTT) was introduced in a proposal by President Museveni’s government raise between Shs400 billion from social media users annually, were ordered by the President in a March 12 letter to Finance minister Matia Kasaija.

Faced with an increasingly critical citizenry especially the youth online, the government slapped new taxes on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber to stop what the President has called lugambo (gossip). The parliament would later pass it into law.


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