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Women Councilors fight after China Tour, one demands 100m for Compensation

Mbarara.There is a war between a Mbarara municipal councilor Monica Mutabarura and Anna Kansime a councillor at Mbarara District. The two have been in China for a two Months training but after their return things are no longer at ease between the two.

It is alleged that during their training in China the duo developed differences over a wealthy man in Mbrarara tow. Things turned worse when they arrived back in Mbarara and started exposing each other over their misdeeds during the China Tour.

Councillor Anna Kansiime-Mbarara District Secretary for Community Based Services in his office

Another source allege that the differences between the two when Monica had contested in the Women Council Elections and Kansime choose not to back her. This annoyed Monica and his husband Mutabarura wondering why Kansiime would de-campaign Monica yet is the person who helped her (Kansiime) to be included on the China training beneficiaries list. Monica contested for a woman District chairperson for Mbarara district and she won the race. But during the campaigns, they exposed their differences which resulted into exposing their secrets among themselves.

According to Councilor Kansiime told us that the drama started at NRM offices Booma Mbarara when Mutabarura husband to councilor Monica attacked Kansiime and started insulting her in public how she left Uganda to China and engaged in sex scandals with some Ugandan Man called Isaac who had also gone for the same Training.

This let down Kansiime and felt angry and humiliated.  Kansiime told us that this kind of insult annoyed her and decided to humiliate the couple too. Kansiime told Mutabarura husband to Monica that he should not be proud to her Wife because she was caught stealing a hand bag in a Super Market during the time when they were in China. She (Kansiime) moved on and sent him a picture where Monica was holding a Hand Bag in a Super Market which she said that Monica had stolen from the Super Market.

This infuriated the couple and chose to open a case at Mbarara Police Station accusing Kansiime of defaming Monica.

Recently Monica and her Husband through their Lawyer Daud Barinda issued a letter of intention to sue to Kansiime demanding apology or else face wrath of law.

At MbararaCityNews, we will keep following this story to conclusion

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