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Why 32-40 Condominium Mall Project stalled in Mbarara

Mbarara. Currently there are some misunderstandings between the developers of 32/40 Mbaguta Street Condominium Co. Ltd over the stalled project of constructing a shopping Mall at 32/40 land Mbaguta in Mbarara Town.

The misunderstandings developed recently when some members of the association started complaining accusing the management of the association of failing construction project due to incompetence.

 One of the members who liked anonymity told our reporter that this is a project that started some years back which by now should be completed, but because of poor management and mobilization, the project has stalled.

Rwampara MP, Charles Ngabirano

“Mbarara Municipal Council allocated us plot numbers 32, 33,34,35,36,37,38,39 and 40, after we formed a committee to lead us in construction. We had planned to construct a shopping mall where every member is expected pay an agreed price for the construction but due to poor mobilization of the management, people have failed to pay” one of the members.

The plan of this project started in 2012 when members were allocated the spaces by council, but to the fact that the same land was in dispute with the late Charles Muhangi who claimed it, the development on that land remained stuck.  This is the same land where Muhangi had his bus park before he was removed by court orders

Later the land was leased to the Council of Mbarara Municipal Council by the government which the same council evidentially leased it willing developers to 10 years (the 32/40 Mbaguta Street Condominium Co. ltd).

After acquiring the land, these developers started the construction of a shopping Mall which was budgeted at 23b that is expected to be paid by the 331 members registered. Each of themember has his or her own price according to his allocation.

It is alleged that some members were allocated more than three space which they couldn’t afford to pay for, therefore this is another reason why the project has failed to progress due to lack of funds to continue the construction. Since 2017 when the construction started, the construction is still at excavation process of which it has also taken some month no works on going.

According to the Secretary of the construction committee, Francis Bemanya the deputy Mayor Mbarara, told our report that the delay in construction of this project was caused by poor pay of the members. He added that some members were received allocations they couldn’t afford.

According to Bemanya he said that as the management agreed with their members that atleast eac should pay 30% of the money each is supposed to pay, but surprisingly over the years only like 40 out of 331 members have paid  part of the 30%. He also said that out of 23b, they have only received about 1b.

It is reported that some members have started selling off their allocations trying to escape from the association due failure to pay. More of the members are required to pay over 100m for their allocations.   

While speaking to Hon. Ngabirano, he said that some members have not even paid any single coin; therefore he wonders why they are complaining. “We have tried our best to mobilize our members to pay but some are reluctant to pay, so those who are complaining it means they have started their politics and we don’t want politics in this project” said Ngabirano.

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