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Urban Authorities Association Secretary General Faces Land Probe

Ntare School-Mbarara

20 Jan 2017

The Secretary General for UAAU-Urban Authorities Association of Uganda Daniel Kasalwa is in hot soup over Land probe after the members of the association tasked him to explain and present the Land Title for their Association’s land which he was supposed purchase on their behalf.

This saga of Land issues happened yesterday 19 Jan 2018 while in the meeting at Ntare School main hall where Local Government workers under their Association UAAU which combines the Division Town Clerks, Chairmen and speakers and Municipal mayors.

The meeting ended prematurely as members attacked the Secretary General accusing him of conniving with Chairman of the same association and swindled the money meant to purchase land for the Association in Nansana Kampala.

Members led by Rukungiri Municipality Charles Makuru who raised the concern pointed his finger to the Secretary General Kaswalwa that him the chairman who never appeared in the meeting, said that these people want to dismiss money for the association. He raised the issue of the land claiming that for the Land Title of the land which the two say that they purchased in Nansana. But Makuru extended his accusation to these Bosses saying that it is long time while members claiming for a copy of Land Title which they have failed to represent to.

Charles Makuru mayor of Rukungiri raising his concern

Mr. Kaswalwa in his defense explained to members that the land was bought at a total sum of Ugx 67m with a balance of of 10m. He told the meeting that the said land has a land title which he did not bring along for the meeting something that left members more furious demanding him to at least present a photocopy of the said land title as proof all in vain.

Mayor Makuru pursued and complained that there is a lot of corruption in this Association by the Executive where he further raised that Members are still charged too much money for Lunch facilities. He clearly explained that while they were in meeting at Hima Town council members resolved to pay 30,000= for Lunch but he wonders that up to date members are charged 70,000= which said that there is no accountability for that amount of money.

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