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Tycoon’s Son Umoja set to contest for Mbarara South City Division Mayoral seat

Mbarara. As Mbarara set to be a City by next year it will be divided into two City Divisions, and this has caused early campaigns and battles between the interested aspirants for mayoral seats.

There is a battle between one of the City tycoon’s son Kenneth Ndyabigwamu Umoja who has shown interest to contest for the position of mayor-Mbarara City South Division alongside Nyamitanga Division Mayor, Moses Kajubi. Others interested in the same seat include Kakoba Division Councilor Doreen Natamba .

Councilor Doreen Natamba

This Division will be composed of three sub-divisions of Kakoba, Nyamitanga and Nyakayojo according to the City Structure.

Reports that reached our desk, the three candidates have started de-campaigning each other and they cannot even see each othe eye to eye.

Chairman Moses Kajubi Nyamitanga Division

Ndyabigwamu who is the son to the City Businessman Umoja says that his rivals have started moving around de-campaigning him that he has no experience in leadership to leady Mbarara as a City. That Mbarara as a city needs people who have spent some good time in Leadership. Though, Ndyabigwamu Umoja trashed the allegations that are put on him. He says that those who are tarnishing him they have also done nothing in their leadership. Ndyabigwamu is a businessman in Mbarara that deals in Electronics Shop at High Street.

Speaking to the Nyamitanga Division Chairman Kajubi who is also aspiring for the same seat, he said that the time he has spent in leadership is much capable to run a city division. He also argued that he has even trained some leaders like his opponent the councilor Natamba but now he wonders how those people would bother to stand against him.

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