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Tycoon Atamba, Lands Officer in land grabbing Case

Last week Mbarara Resident Judge Joice Kavuma made a locus visit at a land in dispute at Ruburi Cell in Kakoba division where Mbarara Tycoon Charles Atamba sweated plasma after he was ordered to show the boundaries of the land he claims that it’s his.

Atamba is accused with his fellows Keneth Ireta the lands officer at Mbarara district and Abel Bwogyera who were dragged to court earlier Juko Kayondo for grabbing his land and processed land titles secretly.

Juko explaining a point about his land

While testifying during locus visit, Atamba was blasted by the locals nearly to lynch him after telling court that he bought land from one Batunga. This caused the local to shout roughly on him saying the he claims bought land from they have never seen him in their area.  

Atamba told court that he never consulted in person in that area when he was processing his land title, that he only consulted the forestry Authority that neighbors his land. Atamba is a business man dealing in timbers at Makhnsing Street Mbarara Town. He is well known in politics as an FDC activist in town.

This land the land in dispute is known as plot 8 about 2 hectares, it was then divided into different plots where Bwogera also claim that he bought a plot on that plot 8 and he has a land title for it. Another is Ireta who also dealt with Atamba to and got a plot on the same land.

Juko the plaintiff claim that he is the one who bought this land from Joventino Ikoju at 6m, he says that since he had bought this land it has never been surveyed and no any mark stone within his land. That Natamaba and his group obtained fake land titles.

Juko also told judge that earlier Atamba destroyed his buildings he had built on that land, and that’s when Atamba showed him land title that the land is his. After Atamba destroyed Juko’s buildings, Juko went back to court opened another case and court put an injunction that was stopping Atamba to use the same land.

Chairman Rubiri cell, Richard Begumisa told the Judge that he doesn’t know Atamba , Ireta and Bwogera as the owners of this land, that he is the one who signed the selling agreement between Juko and Ikoju.

He further noted that Bwogyera and Atamba had sought his signatureon their papers for processing the Land Title but he refused claiming that he knew that land was for Juko.

The Judge adjourned the case until 25/04/2019 for further hearing as Atamba will bring in the person whom he says he bought the land with.

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