The man who smokes eight cigarettes using his nostrils

Agaba Owomugisha alias Nzoyi Nzoyi says he is a traditional healer in Busukuma along Gayaza-Zirobwe University road whoperforms dramatic scenes attracting onlookers and passersby.

On Tuesday September 5, we met Owomugisha entertaining people at the Railway gardens on Kampala road with various antics. In his nostrils were about eight lit cigarettes which smoke he inhaled and puffed out through his mouth. Onlookers wondered about this feat and some asked if he was mentally stable.

A few minutes later, Owomugisha was given a bottle of soda to take with the cigarettes still in his nostrils. It took him less than 10seconds to empty the bottle. When asked for his telephone contact, he used his finger to signal a number on his hand, applied some powder on a white paper which he rubbed on his hand and the telephone contacts appeared on the paper. Most people who were witnessing his antics were left shocked and bemused.

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