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The self-imposed king of Ankole Umar Asiimwe denounces Minister Mukwaya

The self-imposed king of Ankole Umar Asiimwe has flatly rejected the directives by Gender Labor and Social Development Minister Hajjat Janat Mukwaya, after a lengthy and heated meeting with him saying she is unqualified to discuss Ankole matters.

Asiimwe while speaking to reporters over the weekend at his Kingdom palace in Itaaba, Rwampara in Mbarara District, he asked President Yoweri Museveni to send in a more qualified person, preferably a Munyankore to help resolve the growing standoff in the western region.

Asiimwe, who claims lineage of the deceased former Ankole King Ntare, in 2016 enthroned himself as king and appointed a cabinet of his own.

Over the past months he and his team have been involved in vigorous mobilization for support of the restoration of Ankole Kingdom, which was banned along with others by President Milton Obote in 1967. He however, faced resistance most of the times from local police.

His actions have also been opposed by the custodians of the old Ankole kingdom led by Prime Minister Dr William Katatumba and the Ankole Cultural Trust, who wrote to the IGP Kale Kayihura to investigate the youngster, before he wreaked havoc in the region.

Asiimwe says the role of government should be to recognize tradition institutions and kings but not to install them saying if it means being arrested he will accept it for the sake of the Kingdom.

one of the huts at the Mugabe’s palace in Itaaba Rwampara Mbarara

Mukwaya on Thursday summoned self-styled Asiimwe along with his appointed cabinet at Lake View Hotel in Mbarara and grilled them on how he enthroned himself as head of a kingdom that was banned in the 1960s before directing the Police in Mbarara to keep close tabs on him

Minister says the so called “omugabe umar” and his appointed cabinet, did not follow the right procedure set by the Cultural Leaders Act (2011) under article 246(1) that provides the process of installation of a traditional or cultural leader.

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