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Rukungiri Museveni Cash Bonanza saga deepens

Rukungiri. Statehouse comptroller Ms Lucy Nakyobe who visited the district on Thursday April 19 and conducted verification exercise have been and concluded that there was connivance with political leaders to defraud the President.

More than 100 groups of youth, women and elderly benefited from about 5 Billion cash donations and other items by President Museveni on April 15.

Ms Nakyobe, who was in the district to verify the authenticity of the groups and to officially hand over vehicles that had been taken back to Kampala for registration, said these were not gifts but donations meant to help people out of poverty.

“I want to assure you there is nobody who will take anything that does not belong to (them). This is not a mere donation; the President wants to get people out of poverty. We cannot allow thieving”

Groups, including Rukungiri Municipality Fruit Vendors Association, Rukungiri Tailors Association, Bugangari cadres Association and Bugangari Boda Boda Association, among others were found to have been fraudulently put on the list of beneficiaries while others took items that do not belong to them.

NRM leaders, who came up with the list, have been accused of bias and lack of transparency.

Residents say some groups were eliminated while others got more than what they were supposed to be allocated after promising to pay those who made the list.

Mr. Davis Mutabanura, the NRM district office administrator, said groups should have been verified to establish their existence.

The Resident District Commissioner, Mr. Martin Mugabe, had earlier arrested members of the Rukungiri Municipality Fruit Vendors Association and handed over 30m to Police after they fought over the money.

“These people wanted to share the money yet it was intended for group development, some members disagreed and we arrested some. We want this process well managed. We also understand that some groups were illegal and this has been discovered. We shall handle that”, Mr. Mugabe said

Ms Peace Mugenyi, a member of Uganda Association of Mushroom Growers for Export, said there was no conflict in their group and those who were fighting were not genuine.

Rukungiri Municipality MP Roland Mugume Kaginda, however, said the President should not hide behind fighting poverty in Rukungiri because he was bribing people to vote for NRM in the forth coming be-election

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