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Rukari, Councilor Kajubi’s beef deepens over Campaign Propaganda

The war between Dr. Robert Mwesigwa Rukari and his rival Councilor Benon Kajubi Maisho has deepened. This comes at the time when it is alleged that a group of people from Rukaari’s camp are moving around spreading false propaganda that Kajubi has withdrawn from the race for Mbarara City North MP.

According to Kajubi who was nominated to contest for the Member of Parliament for Mbarara City North on an independent ticket, has warned Rukari Camp to stop spreading falsehoods that he has withdrawn from the race or else face courts of law.

Kajubi said that no one should be tarnishing his name as a candidate that he has been compromised by Rukari a fellow candidate abid to get out of the race. 

He said that he has received numerous calls from his supporters accusing him of withdrawing from the race as the contestant for Mbarara City North MP race.

 Kajubi trashed the allegations that he has never withdrawn from the race that these propagandas being propagated by his opponent Rukari and his supporters.

Kajubi added that Rukari camp are seeing him a threat in this race contrary to what they thought it would turn out to be.

During the launch of his campaigns, Rukari said it publicly that his opponents like Kujubi must stop cheap popularity of donating packets of salts and bars of soap.

That it’s not the way how a capable leader does can stoop too low in the name of votes.

” Me am not interested in doing cheap things to people, I do visible things for the general public, service delivery matters not lying people by donating for them cheap things like salts and soap like I see my colleagues do because they want votes” said Rukari.

“By the way if I don’t pick your calls at times better know that am avoiding you from corrupting me, I pick relevant calls like for chairmen LC1s who lead all people not that one who just call me with your phones with intention to corrupt me. Why do u want to talk to me in a secret, I no longer want to pick those irrelevant calls because I attend to people I know that they are useful to me” said Rukari.

In his speech Rukari also urged independent candidates to rather quit and rally behind NRM flag bearers especially those who were defeated in primaries and returned back as independents. 

Other contenders in this race include Rutaba a comedian and a tradition dancer in town, Deus Mubiru Mukalazi, National Unity Platform candidate who is doing very well within the youth segment of voters.

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