Rainstorm devastates Isingiro, destroys five bridges

If there are some residents who are regretting for having born on this earth are none other than those of Nyamuyanja and Birere sub counties in Isingiro district after heavy rains destroyed bridges, Banana plantations, houses leaving them homeless.

Residents of Nyamuyanja & Birere staring at collapsed
Residents of Nyamuyanja & Birere staring at collapsed Bridge

Residents say that on the evening of Sunday, they experienced a heavy down pour characterized by storm which swept away almost everything on the land including roofs of their houses, they say that this lasted for some good hours as they kept on praying to God to come to their rescue.

Boda Boda trapped in Nyamuyanja-Birere collapsed bridge
Boda Boda trapped in Nyamuyanja-Birere collapsed bridge

Ronald Ntumbuya and Allen Nyangoma told our reporter that they were left with nothing which forced them to sleep at the neighbor’s residences after the roofs and walls of their houses were taken by wind

One of   the farmers in the area told us that this affected him much since his banana plantation was the major source of his income, yet he had loans from various banks. “  This has greatly affected us so much since our children are reporting back to school on Monday, the only source of income that we had was Banana plantation but its all swept away, we are pondering for the next source of income at least let government  do something to the affected residents” ,

Yasin Magezi the General secretary U.M.S.C of Isingiro district told us that the most affected areas include Rwencweera , Kahenda , Kyeera , Kasana , Kikokwa, Kishoro in Birere Sub-county , Isingiro District. He called upon the government of Uganda to extent relief to these affected residents by providing them with seeds, iron sheets and financial support

Nyamuyanja-Birere bridge collapsed3Nyamuyanja-Birere bridge collapsed2

As if that is not enough, three bridges were also broken down by floods and these include the one joining Nyamuyanja Sub- county and Birere Sub County, the others are the one joining Nsika and Kahenda , and another one  near Aisha Girls S.S.S.  Joining Katanoga and Kamakiisa

Boda Boda motorists and business men from Nyamuyanja have revealed that transport in the area has been brought to a standstill since they have lost connectivity to other villages and that this will affect the prices of their products like Bananas since vehicles cannot cross.

The chairperson of this area Joseph Besigye says that   the storm killed over 13 goats, and the pipes and culverts under the bridge all swept away he says that the Bridge was done by Central Government and that for them at their level cannot manage

Yasin-Magezi-Gen. Sec-U.M.S.C- Isingiro-District talking to Mbarara City News
Yasin-Magezi-Gen. Sec-U.M.S.C- Isingiro-District talking to Mbarara City News

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