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Police seal off Kisekka Market to stop Garages to re-open

KAMPALA – Police have sealed off Kisekka Market in downtown Kampala, blocking access despite the President on Monday announcing that mechanics were allowed to reopen their garages.

Some of the mechanics who had ridden their bikes from their homes to the market were met with heavy security presence that ordered no shop to open while others were turned away.

It was not immediately clear why the deployment was in place. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango was not immediately available for a comment.

Key policy directives from last night’s presidential address on Covid-19.

1. Food markets will stay open
2. Airport and borders stay closed.
3. Wholesale shops to open
4. Hardware shops to open
5. Garages to open
6. Metal and wood workshops to open
7. Insurance providers to function
8. Quotas of lawyers to be permitted to work
9. Restaurants to open but only for takeaways.
10. Warehouses to open.
11. Schools plus other facilities that attract large numbers to stay closed
12. Public and private cars still not operational. Only private cars with stickers to move.
To facilitate those working, use marked buses, walk or cycle.
13. Its mandatory to wear cloth masks in public.

All other earlier protective measures stay in place for another 14 days.

Note: 1. Those “trapped” in Kampala and seeking permission to travel upcountry, the matter still under study.

2. Stop domestic violence. Try to tolerate each other.

3. Banks and landlords, stop acting like Shylock in “Merchant of Venice”, asking for a pound of flesh. Restructure loans and rental payments.

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