Police Motorcycle used in Kirumira’s Murder

Fresh details emerging indicate that the assassins of senior Police officer Mohammed Kirumira were riding on a motorcycle believed to belong to the Police. However, it is not yet established how the Police bike got into the hands of the criminals. The matter is a subject of investigations, according to the sources privy to the matter.

Sources also said they were investigating clues that suggest that one of the killers was a former Flying Squad operative. “There are clues that show that one of the killers was an ex-operative. He is a tall dark man,” the security source, privy to the probe, said.

In his Sunday state of nation address, President Museveni hinted that Police has good clues that would help in investigations. Kirumira according to the family and friends, had for long suspected that he would be killed due to his crusade to against Police Officers linked to criminal gangs.

How he met death

Eye witness accounts indicated that Kirumira was coming from a traditional introduction ceremony in Entebbe, when he met his assailants who were riding on a motorbike. As assailants showered bullets at the parked car, one of them fired bullets in the air ostensibly to scare away residents and clear way for their escape for their escape from the crime scene.

Police are also investigating the people who killed Kirumira on his new phone number just before he was killed. Kirumira who was shot 12 times by gunmen in Bulenga, on Mityana-Kampala highway, was allegedly lured to his death by a phone call.

Close friends said due to the threats he was receiving, Kirumira was constantly changing his mobile telephone numbers. This was intended to avoid being tracked down by his enemies. It emereged yesterday that until his death, Kirumira had changed telephone numbers seven times in the last few weeks.

Political ambition?

Meanwhile, it also emerged that Kirumira was also making preparations to launch himself into elective politics. He was eying Mawokota North constituency, currently represented by Minister of Trade, Amelia Kyambadde.

Elvis Katongole, the guild president of Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development that is located in Mpigi, told MbararaCityNews that his last meeting with Kirumira was on Friday, a day before he was killed, noted that the slain Police officer was doing ground work to take over the mawokota North Constituency seat.

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