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Police flop DP demonstration in Mbarara over ‘Kojikwatako’ Campaign

Police in Mbarara on Thursday flopped the Demonstration that was allegedly planed by the Democratic Party leaders especially the Western DP Chairman Imam Makumbi who was key leader.

Police led by the acting DPC of Mbarara, the OC  Operations Mr, Susien Tibesibesigwa and  the FFU Commander Mr. Kaganzi with their Field Police men all evaded the DP Offices located at opposite Easy View Complex after they had received information that DP official were planning to set a demonstration under they Campaign termed as “ Kojikwatako”.

Western Uganda DP Chairman Imam Makumbi
Western Uganda DP Chairman Imam Makumbi

This came forward following the last sitting of NRM Members of Parliament on Tuesday when they passed a deal of changing in the constitution about the presidential age limit. According to Mr. Makumbi speaking to our Reporter stated that its true as the Members of Opposition as DP they were setting a demonstration  against with the incumbent NRM Government which is in position to change the Uganda’s constitution.

police guarding DP's Offices in Mbarara
police guarding DP’s Offices in Mbarara

This Demonstration was planned to start from Makenke up to in the middle of the town showing their dissatisfaction with this government but it was very unfortunate that the police never gave them any chance even to start any move as it surrounded their office not allowing any body moving out of their office where some DP members including Mr. Makumbi were gathered.

Mr. Makumbi also argued that even before these policemen attacked their office, himself was detained at the Regional police offices where he had gone to seek for a permission allowing them to transpire their demonstration along the town of Mbarara. But all never went well, as he was attacked by RPC Mr. Warugembe arguing him to explain why he bothered in inciting violence around the Town.

Not only flopping the demonstration, but police pursued to put a Road Block around Biharwe Town where they sabotaged and blocked some National  DP Leaders who were awaited by those of Mbarara also to intervene in the same demonstration. Among the DP national leaders that were blocked off  by the police include; DP national Chairman Mr. Mayambara Kiwanuka, Dr.Gerald Black who is the National DP General Secretary, Paul Sembajo who is the National DP Youth leader and Mr. Herbert Mutagwera who is the Kigezi Region DP Chairman. These were couple of members were blocked by Police and were bided to return back to Kampala before they face arrest which they did and went back.

According to the Rwizi Regional PRO Samson Kasasira said that as police had the authority to flop the DP demonstration since they were not authorized and permitted to set a demonstration around the town.

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