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Police blocks Opposition Demo in Mbarara, FDC Chairman arrested

Mbarara. As president Museveni was leading march against corruption in Uganda, police in Mbarara was busy in a runing battle with opposition figures to stop them from holding what Police called unlawful procession to show solidarity in fight aganst corruption in Uganda

At 09:00am police discovered that there were some group of opposition leaders led by the Mbarara District Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Chairman Stanley Katembeya, the Mbarara People Power’s Chairman Bright Muhumuza who mobilize the youth who had pallned for walk similar to the one that was taking place in Kampala except for them they were going to demonstrate how Government had failed to fight corruption in Uganda.  

When the demonstration had taken like an hour, police impounded the rioter who had reached at the Kijungu Roundabout heading to the City Center with different placards showing that Government has failed to fight corruption in Uganda. 

Speaking to one of the opposition leaders who escaped from the hands of police during scuffle between the police and the rioters, Bright Muhumuza said that over 17 people including the FDC Chairman Katembeya were all arrested by the police and were detained at Mbarara Central Police Station.

Mbarara Poeple Power Chairman Bright Muhumuza addressing the media

Muhumuza said that as opposition they were only demonstrating like the ruling party had organized this day for walk against corruption. That if the government organized a day to walk against corruption, as opposition they also have a right to demonstrate over corruption because it was a national issue therefore why would police come in and arrest Ugandans exercising their right under the law.

Opposition supporters who were arrested during the demonstration were taken to Mbarara C.P.S where they spent the whole day and later released with no charge.    

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