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Plascon,Sadolin wars divides Paint Dealers in Mbarara

There is a lot of confusion between painters, Clients and the paint dealers as the two paint manufacturers; Sadolin of Akzo Nobel and Plascon of Kansai are in fight over the brand.

While speaking to our reporter this week on Monday, one of the Tycoons and a paint Dealer in Mbarara Sabiti Kirimi of Kirimi Super Market talked bitterly that among these two companies must first sort out themselves and stop confusing people.

Kirimi raised this during the Training Workshop of Plascon KANSAI when the Officials of Plascon were meeting Mbarara painters.

Kirimi added that Sadolin is causing all this confusion because it announced officially how it partnered with Plascon and changed the name and the brand there for the should stop confusing people. “Sadolin told us that they got partnership with Plascon and as of today it is very hard to explain the client that Sadolin is still in Market and people know that Sadolin was sold to Plascon” Kirimi stated.

Kirimi furiously accused Sadolin and Plascon for confusing the Dealers, clients and the Painters on which is which and who is who in supplying the real product of paint “among these two companies must come out one and surrender to the other in order to get rid of confusion” Kirimi argued. During the workshop Kirimi was appointed as Patron for Plascon KANSAI in Mbarara.

Plascon Senior Sales Coordinator Moses Kato told the painters who attended the workshop that they should stop convinced by the officials from Sadolin because Plascon still owns the brand. “We are not here to talk about ourselves but only to give reality of our product, the other group of Sadolin they are just re-introducing themselves they fell down and how they are struggling to rise” Kato argued.

Kato confirmed it that Sadolin failed to agree with KANSAI Plascon particularly on the License contract which resulted into these confusions. He also made it clear that Plascon KANSAI officially agreed with Sadolin to change the name and the brand after Sadolin lost sales.

Last week on Friday Sadolin officials led by the Western Manager Charles Magara also launched the return of Sadolin to Uganda market where invited Painters from Mbarara to officially be reminded that Sadolin has never sold off its brand to Plascon there for they are still in market with their brand Sadolin ‘Lets colour’.

On Monday Plascon officials with Painters elected and created a new leadership of Mbarara Painters Association where a committee of ten people was chosen under the same association. Alex Mugerwa was elected as the new Chairman of Mbarara Painters Association. This kind of election left some of the painters wondering whether the committee that was elected will unite the painters who are involved in wars between Sadolin and Plascon. They were saying that though the committee was created but some of the painters think that it be a favour Plascon.

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