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Over 20,000 Rwizi lane pro-claimants Petition Speaker Kadaga


09th December, 2017

The River Rwizi Lane Pro-Claimants have set a petition to the speaker of parliament Rabecca Kadaga claiming to be compensated if not they stay on their lands which the NEMA wants to pull them out forcefully.

In the meeting that held at Kambani Offices in Rwebikona yesterday 8th December 9, 2017, where members under their  Umbrella Organization of Mbarara Rwizi Community for Conservation Development  over 250 people who attended the meeting have finalized the verification of their Petition to Speaker Kadaga. According to their Coordinator Joseph Mwesigye confirmed that the petition of seeking their compensation from the government for lands which have been demarcated to be in the River  zone protection is already done.The organisation's chairman Isaiah Kakuru speaking to the affected locals

Recently NEMA Authorities in collaboration with the Leaders of Mbarara have launched a deal of “save River Rwizi” where the NEMA Boss in Mbarara Jeconius Musingwire and his team were mandated to start demarcating all lands which are in the River protection zone.

They started erecting the pillars in the people’s lands without consulting them and no hopes of any compensation which caused a lot of riot, fighting Fand chaos among  the affected locals against the Musingwire’s team, police and some other leaders of Mbarara who were behind the demarcations these include the RDC Capt. Martha Asimwe, Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi, District Chairman Tumusiime JB Bamuturaki and others.

The locals who were affected turned wildly to those officials insisting that they must be compensated if the Government or the NEMA want to take their lands, if not they must stay on their lands.

Joseph also assured us that they have consulted a number of politicians and lawyers who have advised them to petition to the speaker of the parliament seeking for the compensation.   They were also given a go ahead with case which is already in court which the affected locals had opened in High Court of Mbarara against Mbarara municipal council and NEMA. He also revealed that there are some other politicians who have contributed some money for the lawyers.

Joseph showed it clearly that they are still compiling the signatures from the affected locals who are about 50000 until this Sunday. Then on Monday a team among themselves will take all the files with the petition to the speaker meanwhile preparing to attend the next parliament meeting for the hearing of their petition if everything goes well.

According to the organization chairman Isaiah Kakuru accused their LC 1 Chairmen, MP Michael Tusiime, Rosette Kajungu for betraying their electorate people as they never helped these affected locals. He also accused the woman MP for Mbarara Hon. Kajungu that when a group of some people tried to consult her in these matters she responded that “those locals who were affected deserve to be chased out those lands because are the ones who encroached”.  

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