Opposition Activists vow to sabotage M7 land amendment Deal

Opposition Activists in Mbarara led by Wilberforce Ongum of FDC have vowed to sabotage the M7 deal of Land constitution amendment bill of 1995 article 26.

This came after a few days when the president has been on the Radio to explain about the bill which has changed every Ugandan’s mind claiming that government was to take their lands. Ongomu stated that if it means to fight one will shed blood but no one should bother to tackle the land constitution bill.

He said that, this is logic for the government is using in way which it will turn up and starts grabbing our local people’s lands mainly for those who cannot interpret the so called constitution.

In a press conference that held at Freedom city Gardens on Thursday activists including the Mbarara District FDC General Secretary Daniel Kafureka, FDC Chairman Kiruhura District Mr. Bintabara, Sadati Kashaki the Isingiri FDC Chief Mobilizer and the Western NRM media Activist Habasa Kitabay Ekyoma who challenged Museven that he should turn back to Mbarara and apologize to people because of his abusive language he used while addressing his people on the Radio on Tuesday night.

Habasa prsued his concern and accused Mr. Museven that as NRM activists wont allow him to decline down their party they are their watching him messing the party. He stated thvat when president was on the Radio he abused Ugandans mainly the media activists and these mash rooming radio stations that they go on Air to talk nuisance.

According to Kafureka, in his saying he advised president Museven that before arresting land grabbers he should first arrest his relatives so called (First Family) who have become major land grabbers in Uganda.  He also extended his view that this law should attack his family members first.

Kafureka also argued that all government lands have been grabbed by individuals who are government officials therefore they are now targeting local people’s lands by changing in this constitution. He encouraged everyone to be wise and should not let their land go under this constitution amendment bill.

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