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Open Letter to Shwenkuru (jajja) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

Dear Grandpa,

I hope this letter finds you in perfect health and good moods having prayed and believed that your handlers will let it reach plainly as written. (One finds it difficult to imagine how they report events to you.)

Permit me to remind you that our story begun in Arua on 16th November 2015. During our meeting I informed you that you were dealing with a Kyemeza generation (Young people born during the 1980’s and 90s who had just grown up like a neglected plant without pruning). Grandpa you responded by saying that the “political pruning” fell under the docket of the office of National Political Commissar which prior to return of multiparty democracy and later Office of Secretary General which had been occupied by the following notable individuals; Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga and Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi. You asserted that Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye and Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi could have deliberately neglected this duty for their selfish gains (To use ideologically bankrupt youth to cause confusion) I thought I understood!

Grandpa, I reiterate, we your bazukulu were not born this way, we were left to grow this way deliberately or otherwise. I will elaborate;


Grandpa, you say we are hooligans, we were not born this way, the system made us believe hooliganism is a way of life. Remember Maj. Kakooza Mutale and his Kalangala Action Plan which has been meting out election violence since 2001? Grandpa you never condemned them even when former Electoral Commission Chairman Hajji Badru Kiggundu called for an investigation on them in 2011.

Grandpa you remember on 10th August 2016 when a mob of “cadres” loyal to then our darling IGP uncle Kale Kayihura almost lynched judicial officers at Makindye Magistrates Court? Grandpa you never said that was hooliganism.

Grandpa you remember on 3rd October 2017 when your then “loyal cadres” of Boda Boda 2010 attacked school children at Busega and battered a police officer? You never condemned them and we believed it was okay. Grandpa don’t say they are now in court, they are there on other charges not related to that incident. At least we now know that murder and kidnap are not politically accepted forms of violence.

Grandpa the smashing of car windows was acknowledged as acceptable form of behavior on 28th April 2011 when Cadre Arinaitwe Gilbert Bwana smashed Dr. Kizza Besigye’s car and he was praised for his courage instead being reprimanded.


Grandpa over the years we have learnt that when we, the bazukulu, report to you any wrongdoing on the part of officials closer to you, you never act (or take too long to act) and we end up suffering at the hands of these officials.

Grandpa you remember Muzukulu Kirumira Muhamadi who informed you of “weevils” in police force way back in 2013 and you took long to act? He was ostracized, harassed and treated like “a rolex thief”. Grandpa he ended up being stripped of his hard-earned ranks and livelihood.

Grandpa, on 17th May 2017 I wrote to Uncle Kale ,then IGP, requesting that he restores the waning image of Uganda Police Force by causing the arrest and trial of those involved in torturing suspects in Nalufenya, a letter I copied to you (Attached hereto). Grandpa you addressed this issue passively. It is not by accident that we still witness incidences of torture occasioned by members of the armed forces. We were not born this way Grandpa, you made us believe reporting erratic behavior was useless.


Grandpa, your handlers say we are unreliable. How can we be reliable when during the 2016 Presidential Election campaigns some of the senior officials you assigned us to work with stole campaign funds and when we threatened them that we shall report them to you they arrogantly responded that you shall do nothing? Grandpa they were wrong. You didn’t do nothing, you appointed some of them in more powerful offices. We were so naïve grandpa. We didn’t know scheming off a few hundreds of millions to buy ourselves some toys was acceptable.

Shwenkuru…Grandpa, how can you kunegura your bazukulu? Grandpa, during the same election period you gave some of your buzukulu SUVs and SFC guards saying their security and lives mattered to you. Grandpa immediately after elections you withdrew the cars and guards. Why grandpa? Why? Did their security and lives cease to matter? Grandpa we were not born this way, you made us believe we only matter during elections.

The various Nyekundiire bazukulu groups such as Sauti ya vijana, Sauti ya wanainchi, Team Thorough, Western Youth Forum, NRM Rich Mind Youth, including NRM Youth League at lower levels who campaigned tirelessly for and were darlings during elections are burdening under the weight of broken promises, silently waiting for 2021 because when we attempt to join those who criticize the system society reminds us of how we shouted our voices hoarse in your support. Grandpa, what are we supposed to do under these disheartening circumstance?


Grandpa you have been informed about how some people in your office have turned you into a commodity. An appointment with you comes at a cost, no wonder the likes of Bryan White have special seats in your tent. Grandpa we were not born this way, you have made us believe that what matters is having money regardless of how we get it. We constantly see glorified thieves and humiliated hard-working people.

Shwenkuru, your bazukulu who worked in your call center of Tuongee were laid off without any compensation for their efforts. The same happened to those who worked in your office of National Chairman – NRM under Madam Molly Kamukama, the new PA came with new staff ethnically close to her. Why burden you Grandpa? Of course, you already know all this.

Grandpa, you have been complaining of corruption for over 50years yet our uncles and aunties who are implicated in corruption scandals are awarded with juicy positions. Grandpa we were not born this way, we see these relatives on the streets where we toil every day, cruising in convoys with lead cars and we don’t know what to do, give us a signal grandpa, tell us what to do because we cannot pelt them with stones, the SFC will clobber us.


Grandpa, we were not born selfish, your muzukulu Buntu Enock, NRM Youth League Treasurer went missing almost 4 months ago. I say missing because the security agencies say they don’t have him yet his family members say he was picked by security operatives. But Grandpa when we meet you as executive committees  representing young people both NRM Youth League and National Youth Council we are too preoccupied with getting mugaati from you for our individual stomachs to remember the welfare of one of our own. We are too afraid to use social media #FreeBuntuEnock yet we join the crowd to say #FreeBobiWine because its what is trending.


Grandpa, your handlers mislead you that “People Power Crusade” is made of “ideologically disoriented hooligans being misled by opportunistic opposition politicians”, which is not true. Allow me point out one group called “Kawempe Republic” which has featured in all campaigns from Kyadondo East, to Jinja Municipality, to Bugiri and even Arua. This group is made up of NRM youthful cadres who worked closely with officials in your office of National Chairman – NRM and after underwent ideological training at National Leadership Institute – Kyankwanzi (I know this because we were in the same intake). These cadres while at Kyankwanzi even composed the NRM Anthem with the guidance of Mr. Micheal Katungi. The reason for them joining “People Power” was highlighted recently by NRM Deputy Secretary General Hon. Todwong Richard as “…because NRM party failed to handle issues affecting them”.


Grandpa, uncle Gen. Elly Tumwine said we do all this because of poor parenting. It is true. The moral fabric of this nation was destroyed by bad examples. The ideology we are taught in Kyankwanzi is not what is practiced in the corridors of power. The revolutionary methods of work were relegated to the textbook long before some of us even learnt to speak. We are decaying Grandpa but we were not born this way, we have learnt from some of the worst political parents anyone can ever have. (Kwoza kwiba ohekire oba noyegyesa oryomungozi).


Grandpa, you may have heard or seen people referring to you as “Bosiko”, Bosiko is a character in MTN Momo advert who came from the village on a bicycle and mastered the ways of the city. Some may use it to demean your person and to others it is good intentioned humor to the bazukulu by the bazukulu that eases these moments of tension. Ultimately what this signifies is that as an individual, by riding the bicycle carrying water and grass for the demonstration farm, you demystified (just like you demystified the gun) the image of the holder of the highest office in the land as a common man who has simply mastered the art of managing people. The best part in that advert is where Bosiko accidentally sits on the birthday cake for his children, takes them to the nearest shop and buys them queen cakes (Bwa keeki obwa bitaano). Clearly, kwoyaka omwana endahi omukwatsa ekyisamutuutu! Grandpa, some people sat on our cake and damaged it, we are dying of hunger both ideological and physical, please provide some queen cakes before we degenerate beyond salvage.

Your honest Muzukulu
Ian Gumisiriza Jeremiah.
NRM Cadre


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