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Nakalema arrests 6 Mbarara District and Municipal officials

Mbarara. Six officials from Mbarara District and Municipal council have been taken to CID Office Kampala by the State House anti-corruption unit in order to help in investigations and answering of some questionable public land transactions in Mbarara District.

The Unit led by Lt. Col. Edith Nakarema this Friday stormed Mbarara District Headquarters at Kamukuzi to investigate matters concerning the district land that is allegedly sold off fraudulently.

The unit met both Mbarara District and municipal Officials and Leaders in the district council hall. After the meeting, five heads of departments including the District CAO Cuthbert Eseku were found to be culpable and needed to go with unit for more questioning from the CID Office Kampala. Other Officials that were taken by the Unit officials and CID are the Senior Lands Management Officer Godlive Nayebare, District Staff Surveyor Emma Ahimbise, District Projects Manager and the District Physical Planner and the municipal Site Engineer Aggrey Atukwatse were taken.

CAO Eseku was accused of failure to report matters of District Lands that were alleged to have been grabbed and allocated to some individuals. Recently it was reported that some district lands were taken off and allocated to some district officials including the former RDC Maj. Martha Asiimwe. He was also accused for connivance on the district Veterinary Office’s Land which was illegally given to Rwampara legislator Charles Ngabirano. CAO is also accused of failure to keep public assets as the district’s accounting officer.

Another contentious land that let Nakarema order for the arrest of other officers is the district land that neighbors State Lodge. This Land was grabbed by a person who the Staff Surveyor failed to identify to the Unit. Staff uurveyor told Nakalema that he tried to follow up the matters of that land and reported the matter to his supervisor who is the Senior Lands Management Officer but nothing was done.

Nakalema also ordered Hon. Ngabirano to bring to unit’s offices on Monday all documents in his possession relating to the district veterinary land.

Mbarara District Surveyor Ahimbise trying to explain to Unit Officials as his co-accused work Nayebare looks on

Among the other issues that led to the arrest of District Physical Planning and the District Projects Manager are; the issue of Mbarara Satellite City Plan and Kakyeka Stadium Land.

The arrested officers were taken to Kampala this evening with the Unit officials and will be handed over to the CID Office in Kampala for Investigations according to Nakarema.

Nakarema further noted that these people who have been taken will be required to answer some questions or to clarify on some Lands at Kamukuzi which are purportedly grabbed by individuals.

The land that neghbours State Lodge said to have been sold off

Mbarara Municipality Engineer one, Aggrey was also taken to help in investigations over 380m Koranorya road funds as there was shoddy work done on the said road. He also failed to account for the said funds.


State House Anti-Corruption Unit raids Mbarara District headquarters

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