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Musician Blessnat arrested over Ex Lover’s money

Mbarara. Western Musician Bless Natukunda aka Blessnat was on Friday detained at Mbarara Police Station on allegations that he had failed to pay 500,000= debt for his Ex-woman known as Joan Kekimuri a City  Law Maker in Kampala.

 Blessnat was picked by police from Adit Mall where he was coordinating a western Musicians meeting/ workshop that was organized by URSB (Uganda Registration Services Bureau). He was taken to Mbarara Police Station where he spent over six hours in Cells until when State Minister for Culture Peace Mutuzo and the Legend Musician Daniel Kazibwe aka Raga Dee intervened for rescue in the late evening. Mutuzo had come for WEMA Awards as a guest while Raga Dee had come to for URSB meeting with Western Musicians.  

Couple of musicians stormed Mbarara police station on that day of Blessnat’s arrest, among them include the UMA President Sophie Gomba, Vincent Segawa and many others who had come to rescue him to get out of Cells. Because of influential persons who intervened into the matter, they engaged the Mbarara OCCID Bosco Mutabazi, and Blessnat was released out amicably.

BlessNat receiving an award at just concluded Western Uganda Music Awards in Mbarara

According to the OC-CID Mbarara, Mutabazi told our Reporter that he was not aware of Blessnat’s arrest because his file did not exist at Mbarara Police Station instead his file was told that it exists at Old Kampala police station. He added that he did not authorize any policemen who did the arrest of Blessnat.

Mutabazi also told our reporter that according to the allegations that were put on Blessnat, it was found that one Joan Kekimuri who is a lawmaker in Kampala had an affair with Blessnat but later broke off. And after the separation she opened a case at Old Kampala claiming that Blessnat has her debt of money of 500,000=.

Mutabazi said that he talked to Kekimuri on phone call about the matter and Kekimuri claimed that all she wanted was her money, Mutabazi advised her that their matter was reported in Old Kampala police Station. Therefore as Mbarara Police Station cannot handle matters which are not established from their station, he later ordered the release of Blessnat.

Speaking to Blessnut that evening of Friday at Rhino Tervan Bar in Mbarara where he had a show for (WEMA) Western Music Association Awards, he told our Reporter that his arrest was an ambush and was intended to tarnish his name. That he knows Joan as his Ex and the motive of arresting him, she did it because she wanted to expose and embarrass him in front of other fellow musicians who had come for URSB meeting and at the same time for the night show at WEMA Awards. He confessed that he had some misunderstandings with Joan after claiming that she found him with another girl which caused them to separate. When they separated, she created some cases on him that she had lent him some money.

BlessNat in one of the event Posters

“She claimed that she found me cheating with another which resulted into separation, but honestly Joan did not demand me any money. She only created some sections to humiliate me or spoil my name among my fellow musicians. Another thing why I was released from the police of Mbarara it’s because she used her influence and hired some policemen who arrested me illegally yet the case was not established in Mbarara” said Blessnat.

Blessnat comes from Mbarara but does his music from Kampala where he is the National coordinator for Association of Western Uganda Musicians.

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