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Museveni is the biggest problem of NRM- MP Kakooza

Kabula County MP James Kakooza who lost NRM primaries on Friday has demanded scrapping of electoral commission in the ruling party arguing it’s totally toothless since all decisions are being made by one man YK Museveni the President and National Chairman of the Party.

Speaking on CBS’s Parliament Yaffee program this Saturday Kakooza said he and other incumbents plus Ministers lost not because they are weak or lacked support but because of Gen Museveni’s unnecessary interference into the party’s electoral processes.

Kakooza was specifically furious with Museveni’s last minute directive which many election officials across the country interpreted to mean letting in everybody who had a national ID regardless of whether they are NRM or not.

 Kakooza says it was suicidal for anyone to go into an election without being certain about the exact number of voters expected to participate. The voter’s register, he rightly asserted, is how you plan and determine as a candidate the actual number of voters you require to win but Museveni’s last minute directive exposed candidates like him to going into an election without knowing the size of the electorate.

Kakooza, who appeared with Erias Lukwago for the talk show, said he was now going to engage in defiance and run as an independent candidate because nobody can gag him into not standing basing on fake election results.

He said he knows he is very popular and no one will or can ever defeat him in proper elections similar to what he expected Justice Simon Byabakama to organize. He said by voting on them as independents, the people of Uganda are going to have the last word on who is popular on the ground and who isn’t.

Kakooza said it was wrong for Museveni to act in such a unilateral manner without respecting the independence of the party EC which is well articulated in the party’s own constitution. He said there is no any reasonable electoral body could have taken aspirants’ money and condemned them to such an amorphous election where they aren’t allowed to know the exact number of voters amongst whom to campaign.

He suggested that NRM copies UPC and DP and resorts to determining candidates by using the method the two old parties used in 1980 to determine their candidates. Kakooza says the authority and power Museveni uses to interfere in the work of the party’s EC should instead be used to sit in his place in Rwakitura and draw up a list of his hand-picked flag bearers rather than wasting the country’s time and resources on fake elections where senior cadres like him are humiliatingly compelled to be candidates in an election where the number of voters is unknown.

 He said Museveni’s directive permitted millions of would-be ineligible Ugandans to infiltrated and manipulate the polling exercise leading to undesirable outcomes in many electoral areas. That the same permitted multiple by even people who have never been NRM.

Erias Lukwago mockingly told Kakooza to lie in his bed the way he made it. “Hon Kakooza I put it to you that there is nothing new. You people have always known all these things and chose to make former Secretary General Amama Mbabazi the scapegoat. Whoever lost, they would say its Mbabazi fighting me as SG. Now he is gone and you have no one else to blame. The problem is Gen Museveni who people like yourself have allowed to have unquestionable authority and he is the alpha and omega in that party.

How do you allow somebody to choose for you the Secretary General as opposed to one who is elected and now you are here crying that the same person is interfering with work of the Electoral Commission? You must have yourself to blame because you have practiced pretentious politics for too long and it has now caught up with you,”

Lukwago asserted as Kakooza assured him he wasn’t going to be docile anymore “which is why I’m running as an independent to lead my people because I’m still popular and none of those people can stop me; not even President Museveni himself.” He maintained the party primaries should be abolished in NRM so that Gen Museveni can appoint those he prefers to carry the NRM flag.

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