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Museveni awards Mbarara Municipal Councilor acid victim for fighting corruption

Mbarara. The Mbarara Municipal Councilor Amos Katurebe, an acid victim, on Wednesday this week was the only person awarded by President Museveni during the Anti-corruption walk in Kampala.

Councilor Katurebe was given an award in form of a medal as recognition for participating in fight against corruption in Mbarara before he was attacked by thugs and poured acid on him. This left many people wondering why Katurebe was the only Person who was recognized by the President Museveni in fight against corruption.

Katurebe was attacked by thugs on 08th November 2017 when he was heading to his home in Kirembe cell Nyamityobora in Kakoba Division and acid was poured on him before reaching his home.

Before the incident, Katurebe was one of the witnesses set to appear before the Commission of Inquiry into land matters headed by Justice Catherine Bamugemirire which was sitting at Ntare School in Mbarara. Katurebe was expected to appear as a witness on 9th of November 2017

When the incident occurred, he was rushed to hospital before he revealed the mafias grabbing public land in Mbarara to the commission. Bamugemerire intervened and raised over 25m for medication. Many suspects were arrested and aligned before Mbarara High Court including the speaker of Mbarara Bony Tashobya who was acquitted while others were convicted.   

Speaking to our Reporter on Thursday this week, Katurebe explained why he was recognized as a hero in fighting corruption. He said that Government had realized that he was endangered on a government duty. He believes that as a senior Councilor in the municipal council he was targeted by the thugs because he had a lot of information about the Government lands that were being grabbed by wealthy mafias. .

An Award that was given to Councilor Amos Katurebe

When Katurebe asked by our reporter about the land he had information about, he identified the NFA land which was partly encroached by some rich people in Mbarara, Kenkombe land, Kakyera Land, Nyamityobora market Opposite Stanbic Bank Land (Open space) and many others.

He added that having given that award he is going to continue to fight mafias in Mbarara as much as he can, that he is now going to make full list of all individuals involved in grabbing public land to Lt. Col. Edith Nakarema who heads the State House Anti-corruption Unit.

Councilor Amos Katurebe with his award at his home in Nyamityobora

“Since I have got a chance to talk to the president, now am going restart my fight against corruption. I just call upon every citizen especially from Mbarara to work in hand and make an alarm where he or she feels that there is corruption” said Katurebe.

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