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Municipal Officers collide in PAC meeting

There was ping pong between Mbarara Municipal Deputy Town Clerk representative Jackeline Masamba who doubles as Human Resource Officer as she quarrelled with her own employee Procurement officer Edgar Rwabutogo during PAC Meeting when the committee tasked Rwabutogo to explain why he refused to hand over Contract documents to the Auditors.

The two senior technocrat officers at Mbarara Municipal council appeared in the Mbarara District PAC (Public Accounts Committee) meeting on Tuesday this week at Mbarara Municipal council Hall where Procurement Officer Mr. Rwabutogo was summoned by the committee to explained why he adamantly refused to hand over some of the documents that were required by the auditors during auditing.

Reports allege that when Auditors approached his office few weeks ago for auditing he hid some of the documents that were needed by the district audit committee. Some of the documents that were required by the committee include; minutes of procurement committee sittings, List of municipal suppliers, minutes for Evaluation and contracts committee and minutes for Contracts agreement.

This caused drama in the meeting as Deputy Town Clerk Masamba also accused Rwabutogo that he has also refused to give some of the reports and some information about his department to the offices of Town Clerk, Human Resource simply because he undermines them according to Masamba’s statement. She also noted that as the office of Human Resource they have written to the district Service Commission to caution Rwabutogo to check up.

This is the point where blame gaming started between Masamba and Rwabutogo as he tried to challenge Masamba that he has always given reports and all files that are needed to those offices. He also argued that all the files which the Audit committee talked about he believes that he handed them over to the same committee.

Jackline Masamba arguing in PAC meeting when Rwabutogo in black sweater looking on worried

When the arguments developed in the meeting, the PAC Chairman Gordon Gumisiriza ruled that Rwabutogo must present the evidence that he handed over the files to the Audit committee or bring those documents to the Audit committee Friday this week at 4:00pm before he orders the CID to intervene and investigate him.

This wasn’t the first time for Rwabutogo to appear in the committee on the same confusing issues. And it is remembered tha Rwabutogo was once arrested by the Parliamentary PAC which is led by Richard Okum when he was found guilty in embezzling municipal funds during former Town Clerk Johnson Munono’s time.

PAC Chairman Gumisiriza assured us that once Rwabutogo fails to hand over the document they will also conduct him according to the Law.

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