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Ministry of Water and environment to save river Rwizi

The Victoria Water Management Zone Project under the Ministry of Water and Environment in conjunction with Mbarara district leadership and environmental activists together with other stake holders have issued a warning to all those who dump garbage, sewage, at night into River Rwizi mostly those who stay near the river to stop that habit immediately or else wrath of the law. Stake holders said this while visiting river Rwizi sources in Masyoro in Sheema , and later to Nsiika and Rubaro in Buwhweju District

The River Rwizi catchment management committee in its annual report according to the visiting of the sources named abovehas benefited the farmers as well as protecting vegetation in the low land like in Nsiika steep slopes gabions and contours were established that reduced the run off and erosion, in Masyoro there was erosion on the steep slopes and landslides normally occurred in rainy seasons , but as of now banana plantations are growing well in the area and other gardens since the mitigation of floods , landslides and soil erosion were reduced at the foot of the hill a major water sourcegravity flow scheme that supplies 3 sub counties of Sheema district was also constructed,

In the restoration of Rubaro Micro Catchment project which was due to stop the drying up of River Rwizi caused by floods, soil erosion, occasional landslides, that caused degradation of the Rubaro catchment area in this the catchment committee constructed gab ions and advised farmers to use terraces in plantations this has trapped running water to collect and be absorbed in the soil this has encouraged farming I was affected by landslides and agriculture was a problem to me but I now have a good banana plantation inter cropped with beans due to Gab-ions constructed near my piece of land testifies Lozio Musinguzi one the residents in Rubaro area .

Officials from Ministry of Water inspecting Rwizi section where Nile Breweries draw water for use in the factory

All these land scape management interventions have helped the communities as well as protecting water sources down in the wetlands that pour into the mighty Rwizi where the flooding and water from up the hills would run down and destroy vegetation in the wetland

When we were looking at protecting River Rwizi , we looked at first protecting the sources as crucial says Jaquonius MusingwireNEEMA Focal person south western region

The above still visited the Nile breweries plant that uses river Rwizi water and again disposes in the same river and so these have vowed to set demarcations of River Rwizi in Mbarara by separating the resident and the river area this will be mainly to protect sewage disposal in the river that makes water dirty and increases the hyacinth.

Water being dirty due to continued pollution, allows and gives room for the growth of water hyacinth, but we are looking forward to removing this weed on River Rwizi like we did on Lake Victoria explains Dr. Callist Tindumugaya the commissioner, water resources planning and regulation Ministry of water and environment in a meeting held at Lake view Resort Hotel Mbarara yesterday

The above promise to sensitize communities on the protection of the river and swamps as well as wetlands that constitute to River Rwizifor example requesting people to construct soak pits instead of pouring in the Rwizi among others , this and others cited in the next yearwork plan. God bless

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