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Minister Rukutana, Naome Kabasharira battle for Rushenyi

Ntungamo. State Minister for Labor Mwesigwa Rukutana is seated on a time bomb after the former Ntungamo District Woman MP Naome Kabasharira vowed to kick him out of Rushenyi county politics for ever.

Early this year Naome Kabasharira declared her interest to battle the untouchable Minister Rukutana who has represented Rushenyi County for five terms due to lack of powerful contender.

According to Kabasharira, Rukutana has not always not had a powerful competitor in the constituency for the past elections, it is the reason why he has not properly delivered services to people because he knows that even if he doesn’t work much in the constituency, the electorates would still vote him for lack of alternative.

 Kabasharira was the Woman MP for Ntungamo District for about three terms before she was defeated by the Current Woman MP Beatrice Rwakimari. When Kabasharira lost the 2016 general elections, she camped at the ground and concentrated on how she would battle Rukutana in the Rushenyi County race.

According to the un disclosed sources, Kabasharira is leading the race ahead of Rukutana and others who are also in the race, and these include Norman Kashereka and Bob Nahabwe, both Businessmen from Ntungamo.

There are 3  Sub-counties in Rushenyi county that have never accessed electricity. This is one of the causes of discontent among voters against Minister Rukutana. Road network in sorry state within the constituency. Recently a group of Locals demonstrated in the Constituency and mocked Rukutana for having failed to bring electricity that he promised last term.

It is said that Rukutana has led Rushenyi like his family where he doesn’t involve stakeholders. He is accused of working alone because he thinks that he is untouchable and he wants to be the only Bull in kraal.

“I have realized that Rukutana is running the constituency like his home as if there are no stakeholders in the Constituency, people of Rushenyi are tired of his leadership because what he promised in the past previous term he has never fulfilled. For example he promised for electricity but I can tell you most parts of Rushenyi have never seen even a pole yet he is a Minister in this Government” Kabasharira.

“Like me when I was still the Woman MP for Ntungamo District at least  I left some legacy in the Health and Education sectors because I made sure that the major Health Centers in Ntungamo got Ambulances but its unfortunate that now they are packed due to mechanical problems.

I lobbied a theater machine for our Health Center IV Rubare but it also got some issues and up to now the current leaders have never bothered at all” she added.  

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