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Minister Kabatsi warns Youth in Mbarara about Bob Wine

Mbarara. Minister of State for Animal Industry Joy Kabatsi has on Friday this week cautioned Youth in Mbarara to be more careful about People Power President Hon. Robert Kyaguranyi also known as Bobi Wine

While speaking to the Farmers and Youth in Mbarara at Global High School, Minister Kabatsi warned the Youth that they should not just go because Kyagulanyi he can sing. She further noted that as NRM they have realized that Youth are mostly got confused and cheaply diverted by the confused opposition Leaders.

“Stop being convinced! Don’t just go because Kyaguranyi has sung for you. The old people cannot just run about Kyagulanyi, it’s only the mad youth who ever on the streets who always run about Kyagulanyi” said Kabatsi.

Maj. Rwakanuma speaking at the function

Kabatsi argued that opposition leaders who are coming with an aim to fight President Museven out of Power, they have not revealed any program they have to offer to the people. That they are just mad people. She therefore said that Uganda of today cannot be led by mad people. “For us we can’t be led by these mad people, these are the same people who fought in Parliament. What kind of leaders are we having” said Kabatsi.

Kabatsi said all these while she was meeting Farmers from Mbarara municipality and other districts at a function that was organized by the chairman of Mbarara network of farmers voice Ltd Robert Kabatereine. Kabatsi had come to launch and open the Mbarara Farmers Network of Farmers Voice SACCO that was opened at Mackansing Street to support farmers with the Ankole Region.

Minister Kabatsi speaking at the Function

According to Maj. Steven  Rwakanuma the former Uganda meat producers corporative Union Association who is now the Patron of Mbarara network of farmers voice Ltd also said that Opposition must forget that they will anyhow push out NRM from the Government. “We are very strong enough for anyone to come and just fight us out of the Government, we have planted roots that will support our government stand against our opponents (the opposition)” said Rwakanuma.  

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