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Mc Kakyekye fights Singer Lutnum over neglect

All is not well for singer Lutnum a western upcoming Artist with his former promoter Mc Kakyekye based in Mbarara, sources reveal that these two separated some month ago after Lutnum neglected his promoter to Gifted Music Group (GMG) Label.

Mc Kakyekye claims that he had neglected all his jobs to support singer Lutnum but he shed tears Lutnum grew bigger and dropped him as his manager before signed to GMG.  Kakyekye argue that he is the person who supported Lutnum from nowhere to the music industry. He says that in one and half years while working together, Lutnum had released over songs which brought him on top of Western Musicians. Among the songs they produced together includes; Babo, Man away, Zimenya and many others.

According to our sources, it is alleged that even in GMG where Lutnum was signed for three years’ contract things are not good as contract entitlements are not coming in as expected. Kakyekye told our Reporter last week that he raised Lutnum from scratch, brought him to Mbarara where he started his music career while schooling at International Window Secondary School in Mbarara Town where he has completed his senior six last years. Lutnum scored only three points at his A ‘Level in the recent UACE Exams.

Mc Kakyekye also states that he is tired of supporting upcoming Artist as the promoter because what Lautnum has done to him is enough, “I have lost lots beneficial deals because I wasted a lot of my time on Lutnum but he embarrassed me. I’m the person who connected Lutnum to Dagorous of NBS when he was at NTV and this promoted Lutnum so much on his music career” Kakyekye explains.

Mc Kakyekye as of today he works with one the Western Radio station known as Crooze FM and he also doubles his work at Vegas Club.

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