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Mbarara RDC warns opposition as NRM Cadres launch Association

The Mbarara Resident District Commissioner Col. James Mwesigye has warned the opposition candidates and supporters to stop intolerance if they want peaceful campaigns a head of the next general elections.

Mwesigye made the caution during the launch of NRM Loyal Cadres that has been introduced for the very first time in Uganda.

This Umbrella Association of cadres is composed of the former Aspirants in the just concluded NRM Primaries. The members participated in the previous NRM primary elections and things never went well on their side but they decided not to come back as independents.

NRM Loyal Cadres as their Umbrella has been initiated from Mbarara by the few members headed by former NRM Woman MP Aspirant Mbarara City Jolly Kagira as the Chairperson of this Umbrella. 

The launch was held at Pelican Hotel in Mbarara this Thursday. While addressing these cadres, Mwesigye who was the Chief Guest of honor warned the opposition supporters who come around to disorganise, or to incite violence within the people.

He said that those hooligans who are plotting to interfere with other parties peace will be handled as the law guides.

”This time I must tell you that politics is now like a war and as an RDC I will not tolerate hooligans from opposition who normally come to town to attract people’s attention through inciting violence, as security we are ready enough to deal with those who are against peaceful campaigns since we are in season of politics” said Mwesigye. 

Mwesigye further urged the NRM Loyal cadres to identify themselves and campaign positively about what has been done by the Government.

According to Kagira, Mbarara has been lacking a strong team to mobilise votes for the President and the entire NRM flag bearers.

She added that the existence of this Umbrella is meant to bridge the gap between NRM Losers and flag bearers on how they can work in hand to support the NRM and the president to weaken or defeat the other opposition parties.

Former NRM Apirants (R-L)Deo, Senex, Kagira, Umoja and others

Kagira participated in the previous NRM polls where she contested as the City Woman MP, but when she realised that her votes were rigged by her opponents she decided to follow the party guidelines and rallied behind the flag bearers and now mobilizing for President Museven’s votes alongside her fellows who also followed the suit as well.

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