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Mbarara Municipal Clash with NEMA over Rwizi Arch Hotel fate

Mbarara. There is growing controversy between Mbarara Municipal officials and NEMA Bosses over Rwizi Arch Hotel fate after water demolished it and left one dead.

The controversy between two authorities erupted when one of the NEMA Bosses who preferred anonymity came out after the incident and said that NEMA is not concerned on how Rwizi Arch Hotel was constructed only it’s the Municipal Council because it is the Authority that gave the physical Plan when hotel was being built. He says that as people are saying that the hotel was set up in River Rwizi catchment area, he disagrees that it is not correct.

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Recently Rwizi Arch Hotel in Mbarara along Bushinyi Road was its Fence and some structures were demolished by the heavy rain fall and one person identified dead because of the running water around the same Hotel. But there is suspicion that the drainage that was supposed to flow the water through to River Rwizi, it was closed during the process of building the hotel.

Floods at Rwizi Arch Hotel after being stormed by heavy rains

While explaining during the press conference at Mbarara Municipal council Hall on Tuesday this week, the Town Clerk Edward Lwanga explained that if NEMA is concerned for protecting wetlands then it should not come up after accident/ incident and starts blaming the municipal council whether the hotel was not clearly built on the actual physical plan. He also added that NEMA has never written to the Mbarara municipal council all over the years Rwizi Arch Hotel was built to show that it was not built on the right plan.

Lwanga also cautioned NEMA officials to stop blame game over the fate of Rwizi Arch Hotel to Municipal council instead asked for the partnership to find out if there is a problem with Rwizi Arch Hotel. Currently the municipal council according to the Town Clerk Lwanga has stopped some of the activities from being done in that Hotel especially the down part where some the structures were affected until they find out where the problem is. But Lwanga called the incident happened at the Hotel that it was an accident like any other.

Lwanga also noted that however they have formed a committee which will start researching about how Rwizi Arch was built on that Area whether it was set up on the right plan. Rwizi Arch was set up 20 years ago according to the Town Clerk Lwanga and this was the first accident/ incident that have ever happened at Rwizi Arch hotel according to the records he has found.


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