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Mbarara locals asked to vote out old Leaders in favour of fresh minds

Nyakayojo-Mbarara. As early campaigns keeps fire burning in Mbarara City on various political positions, the Southern Division Mayoral Seat pressure has risen up when the young fresh politicians are encouraging locals to cautiously get rid of old politicians from politics of Mbarara especially at local council Government levels.

While addressing locals at Kicwamba Play Ground in Nyakayojo Division Mbarara, Keneth Ndyabigwamu  Umoja, the aspiring Mayor for Mbarara City Southern Division, he advised them that its now the time to do away with old Leaders who have been on the political scene for over 20 years and give an opportunity to young fresh politicians with fresh minds.

Umoja said these yesterday Sunday at Kicwamba Play Ground while officiating at his Football tournament called “Umoja Cup” where over 10 teams participated.  After the tournament as the guest of Honor, Umoja asked the locals who are at the same time the voters that they should this be more vigilant during elections. That as voters they should choose young fresh politicians who still have energy and fresh minds to deliver good services other than choosing again the leaders who have been around for a long time with no substantive services delivered to the community.

Kenneth Umoja on kneeling before voters

Mr. Umoja was accompanied by faded singer Lady Mariam of once a hit “Tindatine” song

Nyakayojo Division has been headed by Jomo Mugabi as the LC3 Chairman who has been in that seat for over 20 years, and currently there are speculations that he also wants the Mayoral Seat for Southern Division which is composed of Nyakayojo, Nyamitanga and Kakoba Division.   On the same seat, there are other rumours that Kakoba Division chairman Hajj Abas Kazibwe also wants the mayoral seat of the southern Division.

On Saturday, the two Umoja and Kazibwe met at Generation Suits for a party and clashed by de-campaigning themselves in front of people. This clash came up when Kazibwe was given an opportunity to greet people and introduce some politicians who had come to attend the party. Hell broke loose when current Chairman for Nyamitanga Mr. Kazibwe when he asked Umoja to stay his interests because as the current leaders are they are the ones who lobbied for the city status something that scratched Umoja’s wrong nerve and grabbed a microphone from Kazibwe and chaos ensued that led to the intervention of the Police.

Once famous Lady Mariam exciting the locals at Kicwamba Play Ground

We at Mbarara City News will watching this tricky contest and keep updating you.

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