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Mbarara Judge makes Locus Visit on Central Market Land in dispute

Mbarara. The High Court Judge at Mbarara Flavian Zeija has on Thursday this week moved with intent to do Locus visit on Central Market land which is in dispute between the Mbarara municipal council and the Market Kiosk Owners.

This comes under the circumstance of the case that is in court where the Mbarara Central Market Kiosk Owners allege that Municipal council forged a land Title for the current Central Market under construction. The matter was reported in Mbarara High court some years back and ever since then there has been a process of testimonies from both parties.

Arial view of Mbarara Central Market under construction

While the judge was transpiring the locus visit at the site (Central Market) he had the both parties and some lawyers and state Attorney. Among the 70 Kiosk owners who were claiming for their allocations, only two accessed the site and these include Lawyer Denis Kwizera and Ngabirano Ndabatata alongside their Lawyer Jadson Agaba. Then the other Side of the Mbarara Municipal council was presented by the municipal Town Clerk Edward Lwanga and the State Attorney Mr. Rubarema.

All that was transpired at the site was that the Judge and his group were trying to mark and know the exact allocations which the Kiosk Owners claim to own. Kiosk Owners accuse the Mbarara District Land Board for conniving with Mbarara municipal council and forged or processed a Land Title for Central Market land which the Kiosk Owners had no consent about.

After the Locus visit, the Judge Zeija told both parties that he is going to set the date for the proceedings of the same case and pass through what has been transpired from the locus visit.

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