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Mbarara Former MP Boona’s Agents gang up against her

Mbarara. A group of Agents belonging to Former Member of Parliament Ema Boona now an Aspirant MP for Mbarara City have ganged up against her candidature after coming up and declared that they have quitted her camp over misunderstandings and disappointments.

According to Aaro Mohoozi Mwebesa, one of the former leading Agent in Boona’s Camp said that as the agents who have worked with Emma Boona over the years especially in the past elections they have realized that Boona is a rigid person and a weak candidate who has failed to facilitate her camp and expected for the good work.

 Mwebesa added that they have realized that Boona has been a weak candidate and a weak leader who delivered nothing during her regime as a Member of Parliament for Mbarara District for over 10 years.

The declaration was held during the weekend in a press conference. According to Mwebesa and his group of about 38 people who have been working for Boona as agents, they made a decision to clear the air because they have been colliding with people calling them Boona’s agents. 

This was done after when the NRM road map came out last week when the party decided that party elections must be by lining.

After the Party’s decision, Mwebesa says that they have realized that they will not manage with their candidate Boona because she’s weak and lazy that she cannot outcompete her rivals in these toughest elections where there is lining up. That she would be favored by the system of box elections.

That as agents they have always been embarrassed by the opponents who always attack them seeking for the explanation and reveal what their candidate (Boona) has done on ground during her time as an MP.

“As a person who has been leading Boona’s camp, I have always been attacked by the opponents who normally ask me to reveal what my candidate has done on ground during her regime.

People asked me to identify any project in Mbarara that was brought up by Ema Boona during her 10 years of Leadership as Mbarara District Woman Member of Parliament. I would just feel embarrassed to defend someone who did nothing for the People of Mbarara.

Aaron Mwebesa talking to Journalists

As we are into city we need an active Leader better than Boona. We are about 38 agents who have quitted her camp and i will never regret it” said Mwebesa.

Emma Boona is facing tough race and hard rivalry from different rivals like Jolly Kagira, Bony Kashaija, Anita Kasyata, Rita Bwahika, and Dona commonly known as Orusania Rwaboona.

As we speak the race in this case is between three candidates, Emma Boona who is currently battling with Jolly Kagira. The two cannot see eye to eye over the recent differences that existed between them.  

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