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Mbarara FDC Chairman threatens to sue RPC for blocking his Hotel Business

Mbarara. Police in Mbarara this Tuesday heavily deployed in several streets of Mbarara town allegedly ready to disperse some FDC party leaders who were suspected planning to hold an illegal meeting. The most affected area was around International Grand Holiday Hotel that belongs to Mbarara FDC Chairman

Mbarara District FDC Chairman Katembeya told the journalists that the deployment of police men at his Hotel was unfair to his business today because hotel clients feared to access the place which was full of armed police men

Katembenya said that, this deployment was made by the Regional Police Commander ASP Caroline Akot who came at his hotel in the morning and ordered the policemen stay around and arrest anyone who moves out of the Hotel.

FDC Chairman Stanley Katembeya being blocked by police officer together with Susan at Grand Holiday Hotel

On top of that deployment, Katembeya condemned the heavy deployment at his Hotel that it has polarized his business. Therefore, he threatened that if the policemen keep around his hotel for more than two hours, he must sue the RPS Akot personally because he was the person ahead of the deployment. “am giving these policemen only two and a half hours to leave my premises and if they resist I will sue the RPC personally not the institution, because she is the one who deployed them here, ” Katembeya said.

I have called her on phone inquiring why her policemen are doing at my hotel and responded that when I move out of the hotel for a rally I should  be arrested together with my colleagues, and yet we already cancelled the rally. Why should I be arrested now? Even the people they are talking about did not sleep in my Hotel.” He added.

Katembeya speaking to the Journalists inside his Hotel

Police was targeting to arrest the FDC Party president Amurit Oboi and Hon. Francis Mwijukye who the police suspected to have slept at International Grand Holiday that night with the mission of holding a FDC meeting in Mbarara town Tuesday morning.

According to Rwizi Region Police PRO Samson Kasasira, police has legal mandate to stay at any place where there is deployment. He argued that if Katembeya choose to go and sue, he may waste his time because the policemen were there at work.

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