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Mbarara District Clean Water Services extension launched

In its plans to extend clean water to every village or cell in the District, Mbarara District officials yesterday launched the beginning of bore hole drilling in this financial year, the bore holes donated are being drilled in 6 sub counties of Rubaya, Bubaare, Rubindi and Bukiro.

The project funding is from the Ministry of Water and Environment under the Project of Rural Water and Sanitation Conditional Grant Project. The bore holes given are 7 in number and taking 134 million each at Ugx 19 million.

“We are looking on to Government plan of every village receiving a tap or a tank or a bore hole by the end of 2021 almost half way” says Tom Karuhanga- Male councilor Bukiro Sub-county.

Mr.Phillip Kakuru the t water engineer consultant currently handling the project says that bore hole water is first tasted and good compared to other water sources because it comes from deep down in the rock hence it is drilled to help people up on the ground and it can stay for over 50 years if the bore hole is well looked at.

District   leaders however urge all residents of the areas , to take good responsibility; handling and care of these bore holes given, Women councilor LC5 Bukiro, Rwanyamahenbe and Bubaare subcounties in Kashaari  Immaculate Muhangi says that residents need to handle and look at this important since Its who will to benefit  however one of the project supervisors in the names  of  Kenneth Kashaija says that they have faced a challenge of residents failing to give out land for use and placement of this boreholes because they do not want other people or neighbours  to make pathways in their land something that leaders condemned

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