Mbarara District chairman and Lawyer Barinda feud deepens

Mbarara. War between Mbarara District Chairman JB Tumusiime Bamuturaki and lawyer David Barinda has deepened over the legal services fees which the lawyer demands the District.

In an exclusive interview with MbararaCityNews yesterday, Mr. Barinda told off chairman Bamuturaki to stop politicking over the payment of legal fees and that what the district owes him not only 21m like they think but it is over 30m. Barinda was reacting on Bamuturaki’s comments which he made in the recent council meeting trashing the 21m which the councilors raised demanded be paid to the flamboyant lawyer.

In the same meeting Bamuturaki told the councilors that they should not pay Barinda more than 2m because he doesn’t know the work which Barinda is demanding this money for. Bamuturaki also told the journalists after the meeting that there is no money to pay this man that may be councilors who requested his legal services should pay him that amount.

These comments touched Barinda’s wrong nerve and to remind Chairman he is among the district leaders who signed on an agreement to pay him his money. “initially it was 6m not even 2m which the chairman is talking about now, but when the money accumulated I met the District leadership and we negotiated to pay me 8m now that they have failed to pay that money in time, it has accumulated to 30m,” Barinda explained.

It is said that the reason why Bamuturaki is hesitating to pay Barinda is because he wants him to first table the document delivered to the speaker of parliament and other stake holders indicating councilors agreed to withdraw the petition and thereafter be paid.

Currently councilors who authored the petition are in panic mode that the issue of paying for legal services may turn up against them and end up paying that money themselves.


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