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Mbarara Councilor writes to Nyamitanga Priest ahead of 2021 elections

Mbarara. On the date of 09th April 2019, one of the Councilors from Mbarara Municipal Imam Kagiko wrote to the Priest Arc-Diocese of Nyamitanga Mbarara Rev. Fr. John Baptist Tusiime Mbarara informing him about his career ahead of the next 2021 elections.

According to the letter that Kagiko wrote to the Priest Fr. Tusiime, he referred his introduction, informing, intent and determination that he wants to contest for the Member of Parliament in Mbarara 2021-2026. In the letter Kagiko explains that he is an adult Ugandan, married to Late Sheikh Kaduyu’s daughter (Komugisha Hindu) with four Children.

That he has undergone studies in Economics, Business, Law, Education and Masters in Management Studies (MMS). That he widely travelled around the world for research and work, and lectured at various Universities for over ten years. And he is currently an elected Councilor at LCIV for Mbarara Municipal Council 2016-2021 under NRM Party. While at MMC as Councilor as Katete ward councilor Nyamitanga Division.

Kagiko further noted that he has caused critical legislations and distinguished himself in the fight against Corruption and Misuse of Power. He also clarified that his local Church is St. Mathew at Katete which he has related and cooperated closely with this Community to the extent that it was centrally critical to his electoral victory.

The purpose of writing this letter according to Councilor Kagiko therefore, is to take a humble privilege and honor, to not only inform, but also confirm to Priest’s official prerogative, that he shall be vying for the Legislative Position for Member of Parliament of Mbarara Municipality or the City Division/Municipality to-be for the term of 2021-2026.

“By the same opportunity, I wish to secure your priestly ecclesiastical blessing and introduction to the wider spectrum of Believers and Clergy of Nyamitanga Diocese, as a determined declarant for the Parliamentary contest of 2021” said Kagiko.

He also seeks for recommendation to have one time strategically launch hiscampaigns at the intellectual helm of the students’ audience of the University of St. Joseph’s.

Kagiko is currently mobilizing and campaigning from the grass root that he is ready to take the seat for Member of Parliament Mbarara Municipality which is currently ran by Michael Tusiime. However Mbarara is expected to become a city, once it becomes a city Kagiko will be expected to stand in one of the Divisions accordingly.

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