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Mbarara City South NRM Polls: Jomo and Rashid Mukasa war still rages on

Mbarara. Weeks after the NRM polls, there has been war between some of the NRM leaders in Mbarara City over irregularities in NRM Primary elections leading to contestation in final results and announced winners.

The war between the former Mbarara District NRM Chairman Jomo Mugabi also Division Chairman Nyakayojo who was declared a winner for Mbarara City South Mayor and Rashid Mukasa the Kakoba Division NRM Chairman who was defeated in the same race in the race for Mayor Mbarara City South Division.

After the polls Mukasa and other fellow Contestants who participated in the race refused to concede defeat. They rather accused Jomo for conniving with the NRM Registrars to exercise malpractices leading to him being declared as the winner of the polls.

Mukasa allege that declaration forms from Nyakayojo were altered in favour of Jomo. He gave an example at Rwakishakizi Polling declaration forms indicate that Jomo got 1001 votes when in actual sense he got 100 votes.

Jomo was ahead of Mukasa with 21,739 votes while Mukasa polled 9,298. After the election Mukasa contested the results declared by the City Registrar as null and void.

He was not satisfied with the results on the fact that there was a lot of vote rigging and other electoral malpractices including ferrying of people from different polling stations to another.

Speaking to Our Reporter this week, Mukasa said that he is ready to go against NRM party policies and contest as an Independent candidate in the general elections 2021 claiming that he was cheated by mafias. He believes that the NRM polls were full of malpractices where children of 10 years were allowed to vote.  

“I had won my vote but because of connivance between Jomo and the Registrars, I was eventually cheated. I tried to raise my concerns but because the Registrar Sebuma and Jomo were in the same docket, my outcry could not be considered. Therefore, upon my dissatisfactory and having been approached by many of my supporters who have asked me to come back I have also decided to stand again as an independent in the next general election” said Mukasa.

“How would I concede defeat when it was evident that my votes were cheated? Regardless of cheating my votes, this wasn’t an election because it none of the guidelines were followed. This is where voters were bribed like chickens, where the declared winner used his influence as the former District NRM Boss and used the registrars to cheat for him, I cannot allow such nosense” Mukasa added.

Ndyabigwamu Kenneth Umoja

While speaking to Jomo, he said that whoever that is complaining has a freedom to come back and stand again with him because for him he doesn’t fear anybody. He added that Mukasa who is complaining was defeated with margin of 12000 votes, “how can someone cheat you with such margin of votes” Jomo asked.

“People voted me willingly, I did not bribe anyone nor ferrying people from places to places to vote me. I won this election basing on the support I had from the ground. Now it seems Mukasa was overwhelmingly disappointed, but let him come back again though he will have undermined our party’s policies. And I assure him that in general elections he will not garner even 2000 votes because he took advantage of allowing all village residents to vote and his former colleagues in opposition supported him where in general elections they won’t back him because they are also fronting candidates” Jomo said

Other contestants were Ndyabigwamu Umoja Kenneth who got 3,084 votes, Deo Rukundo a Councilor LCV representing Nyakayojo.

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