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Mbarara City South MP Aspirant Mbarebaki threatens to run as Independent in his Petition to NRM E.C

Mbarara. Rivalry between Emmy Mbarebaki the Aspirant MP Mbarara City South and MP Mwiine Mpaka is not yet over, this is after Mbarebaki has petitioned the NRM Electoral Commission seeking nullification of last Friday’s election where Mwine Mpaka as the winner and therefore flag bearer or else he contests as independent in the 2021 general elections.

Speaking to the Journalists during a press conference on Saturday, Mbarebaki said that there was a lot of election malpractices orchestrated by his opponent. He said that Mpaka compromised the LC1 Chairmen and connived with the Registrars that rigged votes. He said that Mpaka bribed the voters overwhelmingly including multiple voting and altering declaration forms.

Mbarebaki has therefore decided to petition to the NRM leadership so that his election between him and Mwine can be declared null and avoid and they repeat the election, if they hesitate to overturn the election and be repeated he threatened to to come as independent candidate in the next general elections come February 2021.

“I want to assure you my people that if a fresh election is not organised, I am still in election just wait Feb  I will come as an independent  because Mwiine Mpaka doesn’t have votes is just imposing himself on people of Mbarara City South by force” said Mbarebaki.

“He has failed in his other fields of Youth Member of Parliament, and people don’t want leadership of where the Father, the mother, the son and the daughter to be the only ones in leadership, they are just creating just a class of leadership in Uganda and we cannot allow that” Mbarebaki added.

Elections declared by Mbarara District NRM office indicate Mpaka got 22,043 votes while Mbarebaki got 8,104

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