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Mbarara City FDC Candidates Clash with Police at the Launch of Campaigns

MBARARA — There was a standoff as Police in Mbarara and FDC candidates clashed over campaigns launch when the police tried to stop the function that was meant for the launch of campaigns for all FDC candidates in Mbarara City.

 In the middle of the function after the candidates and their supporters had finished the procession, police led by the Mbarara DPC Rutaagira and Mbarara City Operation Wealth Creation Coordinator Major Peter Kyoshabire, they intervened with an intention to block the function for their failure to notify security team.

This event was held at Moonlight Gardens in Kakoba on Tuesday this week. Among the candidates in attendance were Nick Kashaija who is aspiring Member of Parliament for Mbarara City South MP, Agatha Atusasire for Mbarara City Woman MP, Anthony Agaba for MP Mbarara City North, Stanley Katembeya for Mayor Mbarara City and many other candidates contesting as City, Division Councilors. 

Kashaija who was the chief organizer of the Campaigns and Atusasire exchanged hot words with police until Police gave up and left them to proceed with their function.

Speaking to the Journalists, Kashaija said that the day of 10th Nov 2020 is the day given to him by Electoral Commission (E.C) to launch his campaigns starting from Kakoba division. Therefore the police had no mandate to interfere E.C’s programs and his activities as well.

Nick Kashaija is a son to the Former Mbarara District DP Chairman Late Emmanuel Kashaija who died few weeks ago. Nick Kashaija is battling with Mwine Mpaka of NRM, Emmy Mbarebaki an Independent Candidate, Bright Muhumuza of NUP and others in the Mbarara City South MP.

Nick Kashaija (R) engages Mbarara DPC Rutaagira

“We are tired of how police mistreat us as opposition, yesterday we saw some NRM candidates and their supporters gathering and doing processions around town during the launch but police did not suppress or block them, why us?”, Atusasire shouted

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