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Mbarara City Aspiring Lord Councilors in early Political battles

Mbarara. When the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Local Government announced that Mbarara will be among the Municipalities that will be launched as Cities by next year, different politicians have from Mbarara have started political wars and rivalries as they aspire for different political positions especially on City Councillorship.

As we speak, over 24 Aspiring Candidates have shown interests to stand as City Councilors from the different Divisions that were demarcated within Mbarara City yet to come by 1st July 2020. Mbarara City will only accommodate 17 Councilors according to the order of the Local Government.

According the City Status, Mbarara City will have only Two City Divisions that is Mbarara City North Division and Mbarara City South Division. Within these two Divisions it’s where it will come up with four Areas that will be each represented by a direct councilor a male and a female according to the Local Government Act. Among these, it will be Kakoba Division, Nyamitanga-Nyakayojo Divisions, Biharwe and some parts of Kakika Divisions, and then Kamukuzi –Kakika Divisions. All these four Areas will be represented by two direct Councilors to the City.

Information reaching us is that there is war between some Aspiring candidates who are battling each other for the City Councilor or Lord Councilor seat. This follows the proceeding mayoral war that existed way back between the incumbent Mbarara Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi and the NRM Vice Chairman Mbarara District Herbert Kamugisha who are fight for the Seat of the City Mayor Mbarara.

Who Battles Who?

According to the information MbararaCityNews has learnt is that there is battle between the Aspirants who wants the seat for City Councilor. The most bitter of battle for this seat is between Muzamiru Sekajja the Mbarara Municipal Council Secretary for Works and Mohammad Byansi councilor representing Nyamityobora A. The two want City councillorship for Kakoba Division under Mbarara City South Division.

Speaking to our Reporter, Byansi said that Sekajja as the secretary for Works has much engaged in corruption issues using his office as the secretary for works. That on top of that he must be having some knowledge on the saga of Mahembe Gente Monument where over 650m were spent to but council has failed account for it. Byansi added that Sekajja has always removed some roads from the budget, especially those that pass through Byansi’s areas. In the same race there is another District Councilor Julius Byekwaso who represents Kakoba Division, he is also battling duo in that same seat.

Mbarara Municipal Council Speaker-Bonny Tashobya

Councilor Jessica Byaruhanga Vs Betty Tigefera.

The two Politicians, Jessica Byaruhanga and Betty Tigefera are battling in the race for the coming seat for Kakoba Division on City Councillorship. The duo started politics as LC3 and LC4 Councilors way back in 1998 during Former Mayor Robert Rutehenda’s regime.  Byaruhanga has been a councilor representing Nyamityobora ward for over 21 years while Tigefera has been a councilor representing Kakoba ward  B for 17 years. The duo claims that they have an experience required to lead the lead in the City. The duo believes that they have never had collision until today, unless that they have become rivals that will cause some clash at one point as long as one intends to attack the other.

Tigefera  says that she got enough experience, that she doesn’t want feel like leaving the City to the a young fresh Politicians. While Councilor Jessica, she said that she’s one of the Councilors and a stakeholder who planned for this coming City for a long time so as a person who has been involved she believes that she is the right person welcome the City as a leader. That she wants to first organize Kakoba Division for one term in the City as she leaves for other to take over. On this post there is also another lady called Rehema Moshi who is also standing in the same race.

Councilor Muluwa Kibelu Vs District Lands Secretary Taremwa

There is hot fire of early campaigns in Biharwe Division between Mbarara Municipal Councilor and the Chief whip Muluwa Kibelu who is battling with the Mbarara District Lands Secretary Ronald Taremwa, not forgetting Hajj Mulindwa Katabani who is also aspiring in the same race.  These are contesting as City Councilors for Biharwe and some parts of Kakika Division under Mbarara City North Division.

According to the sources, a big battle is mostly between Muluwa and Tare mwa who can see eye to eye because of their rivalries.

 According to Muluwa, he alleges that Taremwa has used his office to get involved in Land grabbing. For example, it is alleged that Taremwa was engaged in land grabbing saga of Nyabuhama parish land.     

Councilor Florence Gumisiriza Vs District Women Council C/P Monica Mutabarura

There is bitter campaigning in Kamukuzi between the Mbarara Municipal Council Councilors Florence Gumisiriza and Monica Mutabarura  who doubles as the Mbarara District Women Council Chairperson. The two are no longer see each other eye to eye though they are from the same council representing the same ward Ruharo ward. Florence is a direct councilor from Ruharo ward while Mutabarura is a councilor representing females at the same ward.

Currently the two are moving around de-campaigning each other as they are fight for the seat for a female City Councilor of Kamukuzi and some parts of Kakika divisions. They two are also contesting with one Babra Rubabinda the women League Chairperson for Mbarara municipality.  She also vows that when the two are fighting their wars she will use their mess to defeat them in the race.

Speaker Tashobya Vs Councilor Asiimwe Ntegye

This is one of the difficult and competitive race in the next elections within Mbararara Municipality where there is battle between Mbarara Municipal Council Speaker Bony Tashobya, his Councilor Asiimwe Ntengye and LC3 Chairman for Nyamitang Moses Kajubi. These popular politicians are fighting for the City Councillorship for Nyakayojo- Nyamitanga Divisions under Mbarara South Division.

Currently, the race is between Speaker Tashobya and Asiimwe Ntengye. These have always had disagreements within the council meetings not knowing that they had some hidden individual and political interests.

Speaking to Ntengye, he said that he will never be defeated by Tashobya in this coming election. He said these basing on different reasons that Tashobya have mistreated his people he leads from Nyakayojo. He added that the other case which Tashobya was accused by court that he was involved in acid attack of a fellow councilor Amos Katurebe has also caused a bad picture to him. Tashobya is also being seen up and down campaigning for his contestation for the same seat.

Others who are contesting on the City Councillorship include, Councilor Betty Tumwesigye   who is battling with Merida Nyamwiza. Both are councilors at Mbarara municipal Council and they are aspiring for a female City Councilor for Biharwe and some parts of Kakika.  Another Battle that has started is between Councilor Yosufu Kakembo a councilor at Municipal Council and one Francis the Kiswahiri LC1 Chairman who doubles as LC 3 Councilor at Kakoba Division. These are contesting for the Division Councilor Mbarara City North Division.

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