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Mbarara Central Market Chairman Nyombi in trouble over venders cash

All is not well for the chairman Muhammad Nyombi of Central Market Mbarara where the venders are insisting he should to vomit their moneys totaling to 82,328,700= as the balance remained from 226,875,600= which was collected from them planned to construct temporally structures in independence park before they were evicted from the old one.

This trouble came out after Mr. Nyombi and his committee called a general meeting on Monday with a an intention to introduce some new charges of money that were put on each Vender to pay as facilitation of Security department. The total amount of money that was accounted to be paid by the all venders per month was 4,154,100= as whole.

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This disorganized all Venders who attended the meeting and started shooting unpleasant word to Nyombi and his committee that “this a pure corruption and embezzlement, there fore we cant give any coin until the chairman and your committee give the proper accountability of our money that you collected from us for the construction” Venders complaining.

These Venders were claiming that the amount that was charged to each vender 385,000= for a kiosk structure is not corresponding with the constructed structure.

According to the Vice Chair person Ronald Mutambi known commonly known as Adrew Kahara of the Central Market Construction investigative committee at Independence park that was sett up by MP Michael Tusiime, Kahara told our Reporter that according to their investigation found that Nyombi and his committee remained with over 82.3m from the whole money that they collected from the venders. And he added that what mostly surprised them in the meeting is realize that chairman and his committee failed to give the accountability 226.8 but then again they want other money for them to eat.

Venders never waited for the chairman to declare the end of the meeting but they rather stood up making a lot of noise as if they are tired of every thing and went back to their businesses without any resolution from that meeting.

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