Mbarara all saints Church hit by financial Squeeze

Mbarara. Christians and Staff of All Saints Church Mbarara are worried if their church will ever be completed as the archdeaconry is faced with financial squeeze.

The construction of the two storied church began in in 2012 and it was planned to be ready for occupation in December 2017, but as it is now due to lack of enough funds the completion has been extended until 20th of October 2019 as official opening date.

According to Arch-deacon of All Saints Church Ven. Can. Rev Bobs Mwesigye, the Construction Project was initially budgeted for 4bn Shillings, but due to the fact that the country is experiencing inflation and increase in prices of construction materials, the budget rose unexpectedly to six billion shillings.

Arch-Deacon Ven. Can. Rev Bobs Mwesigye in his Office

In an exclusive interview with MbararaCityNews, Can. Mwesigye narrated that construction at All Saints Church is delaying due to lack of enough funds and this has delayed work and failure to complete in time as was budgeted.  Can. Mwesigye said the remaining work needs sh3b, this money is expected to be raised from the Christians of All Saints Church and the well-wishers.

Workers inside the All Saints Church Mbarara

The delays of construction at All Saints Church has bothered some people and the Christians around Mbarara Town who have started wondering, arguing to why the construction has taken quite long period time yet it was planned by the year 2017 to be completed, but the Arch-deacon has come over the issue and cleared the air that the delays have been caused by financial crisis under this project.  He therefore encouraged the Christians and well-wishers to put indulge effort and give money to speed up the construction for the feat of this church.

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