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Mbarara acid victim writes to DPP to appeal

Mbarara. Issues to do with Mbarara acid attack judgment has deepened after when the Mbarara Councilor for Nyamityobora B Amos Katurebe an acid victim decided to write to the office of Regional DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) one Jenifer implore her to appeal against the acquittal of A1 Bony Tashobya.

According to the letter that was received by the Office of DPP on Monday this week, Katurebe writes on top of his criminal case No. 1657 of 2017 complaining on how he was not satisfied with the recent Judgment that was done by the chief Magistrate court on 25/02/2019. He raised his complaint that he considers the acquittal A1 Tashobya as the principal or prime offender and from whom all the rest of the convicts were getting instructions to kill him as the person he had issues with before he was burnt.

Katurebe’s Letter received by DPP

Other complaint Katurebe raised is that the latest convicts in this matter Don Kizito Baryayesiima, Emmanuel Mbiine and Denis Bataringaya were given less imprisonment sentence of 14 years, yet their fellow participant in the same matter, Sali Geoffrey was sentenced to 20 years. “why should the same people in the same transactions not get the same sentence when they are all proved to have committed the same offence beyond reasonable doubt?” said Katurebe in his letter.

Mbarara Municipal Council Speaker

He therefore requested that for justice be done, that Tashobya and the rest of the accused should all be held responsible for the commission of the charged offence.

Speaking to Katurebe on the matter, he confirmed that he wrote to the DPP to make sure that his appeal be done. He further added that if the regional DPP doesn’t respond he is able to go to Kampala main DPP Office until he gets satisfactory justice.

Katurebe also said that the problem is the Mbarara judicially because ever since the judgment was issued out, he tried to look for the Judgment copy but up to now he is told that is not yet printed out. He said that despite of the ruling, another case is coming up, “I will go and appeal for the compensation” said Katurebe.       


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