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Mayor Kakyebezi warns Youths over Lively hood Project Funds


10 January 2018

The Mbarara Municipal Council Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi has warned the Youths Livelyhood Program Funds against its misuse arguing that he is not ready to be embarrassed as it happened last as Mbarara Municipality was announced  as the poorest on the same program.

Kakyebezi said these today while addressing Youths and Women at Mbarara municipal council where they have come to be trained on how they are supposed to these funds in their projects once they receive the money.

He pursued his concern warning the Youths that they must use these correctively in their projects if they are not ready to go in jail. He also argued that last financial year some groups of youths who received Youths Lively hood Funds misused the funds and never returned any coin to the municipality. This caused some of them to be arrested and some escaped away from their homes.

Some of the Youths and Women in the meeting

This time, over 12 groups of youths have registered to receive the money accounting 102m which is already on the Youths Lively hood Program account of Mbarara municipality. YLP is supposed to get over 252m but as of now it is only 102m that is on the account. And 9 groups of women have registered to receive 74m which already on the account in DFCU bank. These financial women are supposed to get 132m.

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