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Mayor Kakyebezi and MP Tusiime at war

As the war rages on amongst Mbarara Municipal Leaders, then the Area Member of Parliament Hon. Michael Tusiime and the municipal Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi are busy exchanging words bitterly.

The war between the two stem from the rumour circulating around Mbarara Town that Mayor Kakyebezi may stand against Tusiime in the next coming general elections as a Member of Parliament for Mabarara Municipality. This pissed off Tusiime off and in reaction started a campaign to disclose weaknesses of Kakyebezi on how he has failed to deliver services and un ending corruption at the White House (Council Hall)

It is alleged that recently, Tusiime asked for an Investigative committee from the office of IGG investigate alleged corruption scandals within Kakyebezi’s council. MP Tusiime further brought up allegations against Kakyebezi and his team that they had planned to sell off some Council plots of Land including Kakyera Land which the Executive had earlier passed a resolution to sell it off so that they get money to buy garbage trucks. Tusiime also wants investigation into eight Municipal plots of land are alleged to have been fraudulently sold off by the Executive headed by Kakyebezi without Council resolution.

Recently when MbararaCityNews interviewed Mayor Kakyebezi at White House, he had no kind words for Hon. Tusiime branding him a failure owing to the Tusiime’s failed constitutional amendment to extens life of parliament to 7 years that was quashed recently by constitutional court.

He accused him of trying to hide behind parliament to extend term of office since he fears coming back to voters that have since rejected him. He also accused him of chewing 29m age limit consultation facilitation as he did not consult any one as he was hiding all the time in Kampala.

Tusiime had earlier blamed Kakyebezi and his council that they have misused money for USMID project by presenting shoddy work especially Road constructions.

Some of the councilors say that when Tusiime realized that he no longer has support from the electorates, then he chose to decampaign good work so far done by the Mayor and his councilors to show the public how the municipal council leaders have failed.

MP Michael Tusiime at a function recently

Councilors claim that Tusiime is diverting people in a way polish his reputation. People in Mbarara have several times cursed Tusiime, accusing him for having betrayed them and supported Age Limit bill, Term Limits and the recent Mobile Money Tax bill. This seemed to have caused differences between Tusiime and some of his Supporters.

Having supported all those amendments, Hon. Tusiime started receiving threats until he applied for tight security and currently Tusiime has more than four Body Guards and a state house pick up that always lead his personal Vehicle.

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