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Mayor Kakyebezi and Kamugisha in fight for supremacy

Mbarara.  Each day Mayor Kakyebezi and his nemesis Kamugisha keep engaging in fights for supremacy to the extent that each one’s action meets resistance from both camps. Kamugisha Herbert is the Mbarara District NRM party vice chairperson.

Last weekend, Kamugisha sponsored over 500 people from Mbarara municipality to Kampala for a tour where he also facilitated sports competitions at Mandela Stadium. The teams that engaged in the completions were two teams from Mbarara both boys and girls who played with other two teams from Kampala at Mandela Stadium. All these were facilitated by Kamugisha.

When the information leaked to the Mayor Kakyebezi about sponsorship of over 500 electorates from Mbarara to Kampala for a tour he decried over the tour saying that the security agencies should intervene and investigate about the tour.

In the morning on that very day to Kampala, Kakyebezi commented that why is Kamugisaha bothered to carry people from Mbarara to Kampala for a foot ball match yet there are play grounds in Mbarara can be used, that may be there is a hidden agenda. He also wondered why he selected a few numbers of people who travelled and left a big population in Mbarara if he has the capacity.

“If he (Kamugisha) thinks he has capacity in Mbarara why is he  carrying a few number of people, may these are the only electorates he is targeting, but let him waste his money my people will judge the right person to lead Mbarara” said Kakyebezi.

While speaking to Kamugisha, he said that aim of carrying people from Mbarara to Kampala is mainly to promote talent of sports in Mbarara inspiring the his people to have some tour outside Mbarara. He added that thsere are some people who have never stepped from Mbarara to Kampala, they just here of Mandela Stadium and ha desire tour it there some grabbed an opportunity.

“Me am here to satisfy every ones desire that what a leader is supposed to do, we have people in Mbarara who talents and they feel to showcase them, but some leaders are not support, no any leaders in Mbarara has ever thought to sponsor his / her electorates for such a tour, this is my initiative” said Kamugisha.

He also said that there are some leaders in Mbarara who were trying to sabotage program of carrying his people to Kampala. He says that some they tipped police in Mbarara that Kamugisha is carrying people illegally for tour which is not genuine, but they failed because he explained police the intention of taking his people to Kampala.

Kamugisha hired six Buses where each Division in Mbarara was given one Bus to carry numbers of people who were interested to go for a tour and to support the sports at Mandela stadium.  

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