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Man jailed for 20 years over pouring acid to Councilor

01 February 2018


Court in Mbarara presided over by the Chief Magistrate Miriam Ayo Okello has on Thursday 01.02.2018 sentenced a 28 aged man Geoffrey Sali to serve 20 years in prison due to plead guilty for pouring Acid to the Mbarara Municipal councilor Amos Katurebe.

Sali who is a businessman of Bukoto Msalin Zone Nakawa Divivision in Kampala entered a guilty plea after he was brought before magistrate court and asked three times by the Chief Magistrate if he attempted to pour crude Acid to councilor Katurebe on 8th of November 2017, but he confessed guilty over the offense. And he charged a case of Attempted Murder according to c/ 204 (a) of pen code Act.

Sali was arrested with one other suspect identified as Emmanuel Mbine who also appeared in court on the same day but he never accepted to have committed the offense of pouring Acid to councilor Katurebe. These two were arrested some days after councilor Katurebe was burnt with crude Acid including the third suspect Kizito Baryayesima Don of Nyakayojo who was also arrested in Mbarara some days ago over the same case and taken to Kyamugororanyi on remand.

This follows the first arrest of the Speaker of Mbarara Municipality Bony Tashobya Karusya who was arrested on 9th November 2017 as the key suspect of pouring Acid to his councilor and he was taken to court until the court decided to release him on Bail.

Sali testified in court how he was hired by some people including the elder brother to Speaker Tashobya who identified as Boy Dee who is now on run. Sali told court that he was given sh300, 000 for buying crude Acid and sh50,000 for transport facilitation to Kampala to buy it.

He further stated that that when he arrived with his Acid on 7th of November they first tasted it on a Lizard to confirm whether it works properly and in few hours the Lizard died instantly. Then on the same day scheduled their moves on how they could finish up councilor Katurebe.

On 8th around 1:00pm they went to Cuncilor Katurebe’s home where they waited him until he came driving in his car and packed around his home. After packing one Mbine called his name and Sali’s role was to pour the crude Acid on Katurebe’s face.

Councillor Amos Katurebe who was attacked with acid

Sali later requested the chief Magistrate to take him from Kyamugororanyi to Ruzira because he fears that he may be killed once is imprisoned in Mbarara but Akello said she will first consult the Prison administration.

Speaker Tashobya will report his bail on 14th Febuary 2018 on the same case.


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