Making sense of Ssobi, Agasirwe, Kitatta and Kirumira revelations

Towards the end of last year and last month, we have witnessed arrests of individuals some of whom were hitherto presumed to belong to an imaginary shadowy sect of untouchables in Uganda.
Among those probed was a one Paddy Sserunjogi (Ssobi) whose link (or former link) to criminal gangs in the country is no longer a subject of speculation.
Then there was the arrest of Senior Superintendent of Police Nixon Agasirwe, a former boss at Nalufenya Prison and six others. His notoriety, though darkly spoken of in corridors, remains publicly unsubstantiated as nothing concrete is yet to be pinned to his name.
Enter the curious case of Abdallah Kitatta. In another lifetime, he would have been a boda boda rider operating at any given stage in or around Kampala; perhaps transporting the neighbourhood’s children to school and running common errands for his clientele and so often be caught in heated arguments as to which is the best football league in the world between the Spanish La Liga and the English Premiership. But Kitatta isn’t your everyday boda guy. It is rumoured that he had a hotline to State House.
Still trending is the arrest of former Buyende District police commander ASP Muhammad Kirumira for among other reasons, corruption and abuse of power, though he cites malice and witch-hunt from above.
But of much interest are the speculation and exposés that followed the arrest. Theories abound regarding these strange revelations. Let me present one more to add to that burgeoning list, but without analysing any case in particular.
First, I will refer to a military truism. Save for guerilla warfare, an army that commands air supremacy usually gains on-ground inroads against its foe. Israel’s Six-Day-War victory is a case in point.
Key to its victory were the preemptive strikes against Egypt’s aircrafts that gave Israel air supremacy against its attackers. This was the precursor for the ground offensive that summarily crippled the Arab front to surrender.
This military truism bares a lot of spiritual truth. Events that happen in any village, district or country are usually indicative of the spiritual entity that hovers over the air-space of that particular geographical area.
About a year or so ago, I distinctly remember hearing Prophet Elvis Mbonye say that the negative spiritual entity that had for ages ruled over Uganda’s geographical space had collapsed and the Spirit of God was in charge. The fellowship, where this message to the nation was shared, aired recently on a national TV.
However it was not until January 30, that I made the connection. As Prophet Mbonye was ministering during fellowship at Kyadondo Rugby Club, he revealed that in any place, things happen a certain way because of the spiritual umbrella over the land. This implies that we deceive ourselves when we sing of peace when the spiritual entity over our land is war-like and blood-thirsty in nature. But this is not Uganda’s case at the moment. It is, therefore, not surprising that these arrests and exposure began immediately after the Prophet’s revelations.
This is a man to take seriously given his record of prophetic fulfilments that is undisputed even by his critics. We ought to think seriously about what this means for us.
What we are witnessing today in the guise of various arrests and related accusations may well be indicative of the switch in ruler-ship of the nation’s airspace hence the corresponding effects on ground.
God by nature is light and as such whatever has been hidden is being exposed by His light. I look forward to the coming days as years of the nation’s rot and stagnation is exposed. For I know that only then can true repentance and restoration take effect.
Although in the fallen world we live, we cannot expect to juxtapose heaven on earth, but I strongly believe Uganda is headed for better days.

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