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Makerere University Students welcome ultimatum to strike as resolved by Guild Council

Students of Makerere University have given the striking lecturers and Management an ultimatum of 48 hours to resolve their differences and allow for normal classes to commence, failure of which they (students) will go on strike.

The decision was reached on Wednesday during a sitting of the Students’ Guild Council chaired by the Guild Speaker, Isaac Kwagala. The meeting was also attended by the Guild President, Papa Were Salim.

The student leaders outlined a number of demands to the University Management which include the reinstatement of the suspended MUASA Chairman, Dr Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi. The Chairman of the academic staff”

Makerere University Guild Speaker-Kwagala Isaac

Below is the full statement of Makerere University Guild Council


At the 8th session of the 84th Guild Representative Council (GRC) held at the Senior Common Room, Main Building at the 23rd Day of January, 2019

Recognising that students are the principal stakeholders at the University, we shall not just sit back and fold our arms when our beloved institution, the mighty Harvard of Africa is sinking under the current reign of terror.Following today’s emergency GRC Session which the 84th Guild Speaker, Rt. Hon. Kwagala  convened  to discuss matters of common interest to both students and staff of Makerere. The following has been resolved:

  1. In solidarity with the gallant staff of Makerere who have courageously called for a strike to negotiate for better labour relations with the university service, we call for the immediate unconditional reinstatement of the illegally suspended MUASA chairman, Dr. Deus Kamunyu Muhweezi, MASA chairman, Mr. Barnet Magara and the MASA general secretary, Mr. Kalema Joseph for we believe this is the only way to restore sanity and curb the fire from wildly spreading on the hill. We believe that there cannot be a meaningful and permanent resolution to the current crisis which doesn’t contemplate the immediate reinstatement of these respective Association Executives to their respective duty stations. 
  2. In defence of the autonomy of the student’s guild and the glory of the student’s movement, we ask for the disbandment of the draconian electoral reforms where management wants to grab students power. As the GRC house we demand for the degazzetting of those reforms with immediate effect. 
  3.  In the bid to show transparency in the university’s structure, the house in its capacity as a party to the tuition policy, the house seeks for the accountability of the collected *UGX 8,900,000,000/= collected last semester from this very policy and this should be done in a fortnight’s time. 
  4. As a body that shields and protects student’s interests, we also call for the immediate unconditional reinstatement of the illegally suspended students by names, Obedgui Derrick and Ndamwesiga Ian who were both dismissed for challenging the unfit manner in which this was passed. 
  5.  In recognition of our history which has been characterized by usurpation of people’s (civilians) spaces like the constitutional square by the military and armed forces, by our grandfathers’ struggles against the forces of tyranny, oppression and exploitation, we demand for the withdrawal of the UPDF and military police from the university premises for we believe that there is no war zone in our university. Reports of the military harassing staff and students.

On the 24th-Dec-2018 the raged military beat up former DVC, Prof. Earnest Okello Ogwang. As if that’s not enough, students were subjected to torture in the festive season. Christians who tried to access the Churches of St. Francis and Augustine were beaten by soldiers on both Christmas and New Year eve which prompted clergy condemnation of the inhumane acts. As the GRC house, we are calling off lecturers because we feel insecure studying under military surveillance.

Way Forward

6. In the exercise of the powers vested in us by the gallant Makerereans of all ages and sexes, races and colours, ethnicity and tribe, creed and religion, social and economic standing, political opinion and affiliation, we have out of civility and good faith given the University Council and Management a 48 hour ultimatum to meet our demands or face mass action from the students in way of a strike.

We build for the future!

Isaac Kwagala 
84th Guild Speaker

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